How is it pronounced?

I know I’m going to even spell it wrong, but how is Malabrigo (?) pronounced?? I keep seeing it on here, but can’t wrap my mind around how to say it.

I don’t know if it’s right, but I pronounce it Mal-uh-bree-go. ok that’s not entirely true. It’s more like mmmmmmmmmmal-uh-bree-go. :shifty:

That’s the way I say it too… mmmmmmal-uh-bree-go. mmmm. :smiley:

I keep thinking of it as mal (means bad) plus abrigo (ah-bree-go…means coat) together.

Haha! I never even saw it that way before! I’ve never gotten to fondle Malabrigo, unfortunately… I ask for it at every yarn shop I go to, but usually no one knows what I’m talking about. Maybe I’ll be brave and order it one day.

Awwww, Stephanie, PM me your address and I’ll put a few yards in the mail to you. :roflhard: