How important are dye lots, really?

I found some yarn at a garage sale for really cheap… one of the things I got was a nice skein of Regia sock yarn for 50 cents! :cheering:

I was thinking of using it to make some socks for my toddler, since there’s only one skein. But, I was planning on making socks anyway for my dad… would I be able to successfully purchase another skein in the same color and be able to make a pair of socks?

I am not too sure about this whole dye lot business… is stuff really that different from one dye lot to another?

Oh, I also wanted to add that I also got two skeins of Plymouth Encore, a skein of Woolease Thick 'n Quick, and a partial skein of Berroco Plush! :slight_smile: All for $3, I’m always so thrilled to find yarn at sales!

ya know i got two skeins of lily sugar n cream at hobby lobby that were two different dye lots. one was a nice bright orange and pink and the other almost looked like peach and pink. They were noticably different looking at them in department store lighting.

does it matter MOST of the time for mass produced stuff? i think the differences are pretty subtle most of the time but if you got yours at a garage sale the dye lot may have changed pretty significantly since that lot was made and now…if you are looking i would take the yarn with you and hold the two together! ORRRRRR…(okay i can’t suggest that it would be naughty!)

Okay, I agree with Brendajos. MOST of the time it matters not. I have found that with darker colors especially it can make a difference. Also, the stitch you are doing makes a big difference. But if it is a multicolor yarn, you are usually pretty safe.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that your other suggestion would be to buy two in a matching dyelot and then use the receipt to “return” the garage sale skein. :oo:

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I’m going to take a wild guess and say that your other suggestion would be to buy two in a matching dyelot and then use the receipt to “return” the garage sale skein. :oo:[/quote]

gasp i would NEVER suggest such a thing!

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If I may suggest an alternative…buy a skein of solid color yarn (if your yarn is variegated) that matches your yarn & do striping or different colors on heel, toe & cuff. Of course, you can do the same thing if it’s a solid color :doh: … Just mix up the colors & create a masterpiece :wink:

Geez, you ladies ARE naughty, aren’t you!! :slight_smile:

Rebecca, that is a great idea! It’s a striping blues pattern. Maybe I will start the cuff and see how it knits up, and if it looks like I could use a solid color intermittantly without too much trouble, that’s a great idea.

I guess I’ll have to see if my LYS carries this yarn, so I can see whether another skein will match. I’m not sure how to carry in the skein and carry it back out without them thinking I’m stealing though. :??

I’ve taken yarn into a store to match other yarn, just let the clerk know as soon as you walk in the door and that they SEE you carry it in.

yeah i have walked into my LYS with yarn in hand before too. One way to make sure they see it would be to ask for help matching the yarn. if they have the same color the lys maaaaaaaaaay be nice enough to let you exchange …i would doubt it but ya never know.

Hmmm…well, if it’s socks, I might not worry too much about it. Of course, there are some people who line up the stripes so that they have the same color pattern. But I think if they’re slightly mismatched but obviously the same yarn, then it would be a design feature and something that proves you have handknit socks instead of storebought machine made stuff.

It does matter a lot with mass produced stuff from what I’ve seen. I have two skens of baby chenille, and they’re different dye lots … and totally different.

I think it depends on the mill and the type of yarn. I’ve gotten different dye lots of Encore, and I couldn’t tell the difference at all. I’d hesitate with some of the smaller mills, and apparently, with chenille. :wink:

If there’s a slight difference, I’ve read that if you alternate yarns for a few inches, a couple of rows each, they blend in that section and you don’t see the difference.

I got a skein of twisted sister sportweight wool and when I went back with the band the LYS clerk and I were both shocked at the difference in the SAME dyelot. Ya gotta be careful.