How I knit 1x1 Ribbing in Continental Combined Style

I decided to try to make a knitting video. It was more difficult to knit with a camera in front of the knitting than what I thought it would be. In this video I knit a 1x1 ribbing, first slowly in case anyone would want to see how I do it and then I try to gradually speed it up despite the camera blocking me.

I think Continental Combined style is very efficient for ribbing.


This certainly does look like an easy way to make ribbing. Thanks, engblom!

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Yes, for me it makes a big difference in having the purl stitches mounted the other way and purling them with the Combined style. When not having any camera blocking my view this knitting style allows me to knit a ribbing really fast.

I have been considering to make a detailed series of videos on how to knit Continental Combined style. This one was more like a demonstration of what it looks like when knitting Continental Combined.

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Thank you this is so straightforward.

This week I will probably get a small tripod so I do not need somebody to hold the phone while recording a video. After that I hope I will get enough of courage to actually make a video with me explaining the Continental Combined style. I am not speaking English natively so I am actually a bit shy to use my own voice for this project.


This is great! Thanks for making and posting this.

There aren’t a ton of good videos of the style (at least that I’ve found–and some are little more than conceptual introductions to an “exotic style” by people for whom it isn’t their primary style). And it’s always fun, for me, to see how other people I’ve interacted with online are knitting generally.

I knit the same basic style but a little differently–maybe if I can figure out a way to film a good video we could compare techniques… :slight_smile:

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That’s a great video! I wish it was slower so I could really properly see. Or an explanation while you were knitting. But it’s a very good start!

If you have the chance to make a video showing how you knit, please do it too!

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I went to my yarn shop once and saw the woman there purling with yarn in back. I came home, sat down and tried (and tried and tried) and finally got it.

That works for me. I also knit Continental and will never go back to throwing. And I always have yarn in back. Works for me.

Do what works for y o u not someone else.

“Well the right hand shouldn’t do every thing when knitting!”

I think of yarn in the left hand (continental) as the Yin and Yang of knitting. Everything in balance.

At least so I can claim to be a well balanced knitter. :yum: