How hard is the chevron stitch?

I just found a beautiful pattern for a sweater - more of a cardigan, but with just one hook & eye on the front to keep it closed - that has a chevron stitch pattern at the bottom of the body and the sleeves. I understand the pattern, but I’m still a newbie. How hard is the chevron stitch to knit evenly? I think I might want to wait and get more practice in before trying out this sweater, especially since I would like to knit it in Noro Silk Garden which is kind of pricey. A wonky yet expensive sweater is not what I had in mind. :doh:

The pattern is called “Butterfly” and is in one of the Noro pattern magazines.

Chevron is not a difficult stitch pattern.

What you could do is create a swatch to practice the stitch and get comfortable with. After you get a few repeats done, you’ll be able to see how the stitches relate to each other and maybe not have to count so much. Counting was what always held me back for the first year and a half :roll:

Right, make a practice piece - aka swatch - with some leftover yarn to get comfortable with a pattern. It usually only takes a few rows and you’ll fall into the rhythm of a pattern and it won’t be so hard to remember.


Yes, I’ll do that. Good to hear that it’s not too difficult! :cheering: