How hard are mittens?

Hi ladies, Im pretty much a beginner, have made a few projects, and am now working on my first cabled scarf with k2 p2 and thats it. Its very pretty and Im excited to say I havent had to unknit or unravel more than a couple times and only a couple stitches each time…

I would love to make myself some mittens, gloves are a PITA to me to put on and off when you have kids and may have to take one off to do something real quick then try to put them on again…

If they are terribly hard to knit as a mitten…if I knitted a large square, wide enough to fold over on itself kinda like you do with fabric when your cutting a pattern piece on the fold, and just made a paper pattern of a mitten and used some sort of temp binding around the edge so it doesnt come unraveled after I cut my pattern out and while sewing around the mitten… would this work?? If its too hard for a beginner, Ill probably resort to felting an old sweater and doing it that way, DD also needs a pair…

Why don’t you look for a pattern for two-needle mittens? You make two halves and sew them together. Look on knitting pattern central. Good luck!

Btw, knitting mittens in the round is fun. You could try that, too!

They aren’t hard at all. And if you want to make sure you can hide any mistakes, why don’t you try felting a pair. I just made my first pair last week and felted them. It was a lot of fun and they turned out great!

If the pattern is calling for 3 needles… can I just use a round?Im new to the round …but from the video it looks super easy.

When I first learned to knit - in 4th grade - my first project was mittens. I don’t think that was probably the best first project for a 9 year old and I needed help, but I did it and I’m sure it would be easier for you as an adult.

I LOVE knitting mittens because they are relatively quick and gratifying. Besides, mittens are CUTE and precious and even the word, “mittens” makes me just melt.

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Knitting in the round isn’t hard once you get the hang of it, but if you want to make mittens flat I think that has a pattern. They’re a pretty quick project, and fun! Good luck.

you probably won’t be able to use a round needle for mittens as I don’t think they come in a small enough diameter.

Why don’t you try doing a hat that uses a circular needle to start and then decreases onto DPNS just to get the hang of it before trying your mittens. I found that helped me. Plus then you’d have a hat to match your mitties!!!

I made some mini Christmas ornament mittens, and they were very easy. I first learned how to use DPN’s when I took a sock class earlier this year. It’s not hard once you get the hang of it. And mittens are even easier than socks. At least I think so.

Just a suggestion. Have you thought about making fingerless mitts? They keep your hands warm, while leaving your fingers free for taking care of any small task that requires dexterity.

You can use a circular needle for mittens if you know how to do Magic Loop (and if you don’t, it’s not hard - there’s a video on this site to show you how).

Like Knitting of course!!! :cheering: :cheering:

Like Knitting of course!!! :cheering: :cheering:[/quote]

Of Course!! :yay:

Check to see if your library has The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville. She has a knit flat in one piece mitten pattern that you knit flat like a hat and seamed on one side of the mitten. It’s on page 55.

Mittens aren’t hard at all. They just sound scary. The best pattern I have found for mittens is the Fiber Trend Pattern for Easy Hats and Mittens. Good luck and you can make anything you set your mind to.

You don’t need to make them in two pieces… just one piece with a seam up the side.


I have made myself several pairs of mittens. Knit flat, in one piece, seemed up one side… without ever looking at a pattern. So if you can find a pattern that you can understand, I think it will be really simple, and interesting project. I have been able to complete a mitten in around 4-5 hours of knitting.

I’m not a big pattern person myself, because I have an odd body shape. Everything I make from pattern never fits me. So I knit from eye, and tailor things to fit accordingly.

Good Luck.

Iam going to make the mittens in the latest , you don’t have to do the fairisle on them, and they can be knit from the tip down.

Wow that’s impressive… to make mittens and stuff without a pattern. I like that! I want to make some mittens too and soon coz it was 9 degrees here the other morning. Yeah, you can’t use circulars coz they would be too big even if they were 16".

Good luck, and I think I’ll make some now too.