How fast can I knit

…my first booga bag?

I decided yesterday afternoon that I want to make my mother a booga bag for Mother’s Day. So I stopped on the way home from work to buy yarn and was able to finish the bottom and pick up stitches for the sides last night. Now it is around and around as fast as I can go. :XX: :XX:

I have a couple of questions for the felting experts on here, however:

  1. Once I have finished the felting portion, can I put my bag through the spin cycle to remove excess water?
  2. I recall someone (KellyK perhaps) mentioning putting felted items in the dryer. Any guidelines on what temp and for how long? (and do I leave it in the pillowcase or not?) Also I assume I should pull it out while still slightly damp to block?

I think I can get the knitting done without too much of a problem (although that I-cord will be a pain), so I am more worried about drying time post-felting. Thus the questions about time-savers. :smiley:

I forgot to mention that I am using Lamb’s Pride Bulky yarn (in case it makes any difference).

You can put the bag through the spin cycle, but you have to be really careful that it doesn’t crease. Creases can be awful to get out of felted things! With Booga bags, I think you need to let it at least partially dry on a rectangular item for blocking. Otherwise, the bottom of the bag will not sit flat. But, I have put felted things in the dryer and they didn’t suffer at all. I just put the dryer on medium heat (my dryer doesn’t have a low setting) and took it out after about 10 minutes. It sped up the process considerably.

It took my Booga bag two days to dry without using the dryer, but I live in the dryest of climates… :wink:

Someone here posted about using a rope of yarn instead of an i-cord for a handle. That might be faster.

Do you have or know anyone who has a boot dryer? They work GREAT to quickly dry booga bags while the bag is blocked on a box, much to my husband’s dismay :wink:

You can see how it works here

Mama Bear