How far would you get in 2 hrs.?

I started watching “Jaws” last night and decided i’d start this Turtlenecked scarf that’s actually a 3 x 3 rib in the round using 4 total, size 7 DPN’s.

(It’s a turtleneck collar that’s connected by shoulders and then has sleeves but if you dont want to wear the sleeves, you just wrap them around your neck as a scarf. From the book Scarf Style by Pam Allen.)

Anyhow, I casted on the 66 sts at opening credits on 3 DPN’s and by the end of the movie I was barely an inch into the scarf ( The wrist part of one of the arms to be exact. )

Each arm’s gonna be around 23 inches so x’s that by 2 arms = 46 in. x’s that by 2 hours per inch… = 92 uninterupted hours not including the turtle neck.

(No wonder I rarely finish what I start knitting.)

I’m really interested in how far you would get in that amount of time, no interuptions.

Now I just want an estimate I don’t expect you to actually start this scarf. Just from your own experience how far do you think you’d get.

Modesty has no room here.

I won’t laugh if your slower than me :pray: and I won’t :waah: if your kick a$$ either.

Just looking for an honest answer.:poke:

Honestly? Watching Jaws I would not even get cast on done. You did well, I think under the circumstances. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not very far; I’m a quick knitter but I couldn’t knit for two hours straight without suffering the consequences (sore thumbs, a painful elbow, eyestrain).

For me, it’s not about speed; it’s about enjoying. Knitting isn’t a competitive sport for me; I’m not in a race with anyone, not even myself. Not that I hate finishing a project, but I enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Well for started I’m not a big fan of Jaws so I would get a good bit done as too how much in 2 hours I can’t say maybe 3-4 inches if I got left alone

Hm… I’ve never watched Jaws, but if it’s anything as intense as the first National Tresure, I don’t think I’d get far. :teehee:

Honestly tho, we don’t even have a tv, so I get a lot of uninteruptted knitting time (WAY more than b4 we had TV. When the house is finished we’ll set it up everyonce in a while, but we don’t even miss it now.) but if I was listening to a audio book for 2 hours, or reading while knitting, I’d most likely get around 6". (Maybe more maybe less, tho I suspect a little more.)

The part that would slow me down is juggling the DPN’s. :eyes:

If the scarf was 66 st across and knit in-the-round on circs, or flat knitting back and forth…I think I would get one row per 5 minutes.
That’s 24 rows in 2 hours, if my math serves me. What kinda yarn did you say? What’s the row gauge? Well, MALABRIGO MERINO on size 10 needles is 24 rows=4". So I guess I’d get 4" done using that yarn and that gauge. That’s a reasonable guestimate.

I am making a Viking Knits cardigan now (VIVECA) using MALABRIGO MERINO on US 10 needles. I’m gonna go out right now and ‘time’ one row. It is a simple block pattern…K8/P8 across the row.

I think I did ‘time’ something I was knitting last year, using my little PAMPERED CHEF timer! Just to see how many hours really go into an afghan (the red celtic afghan I made last year). I think each row took me 20-30 minutes, depending. Gah! But there was lots of bobbles, cables and misc stitch patterning across each row…and I had to keep my eye on everything, the chart, the stitch markers, etc.

You wouldn’t believe how many movies I can watch for the 7th time…and always see something new. I’m always knitting…and miss a lot in the movie. Today I was watching CASTAWAY, Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt…and saw something new AGAIN! Doh! :doh: Like I must be looking up at a NEW point in the movie! I wonder how many times I’ll watch CASTAWAY and actually have SEEN IT ALL!?? :shrug:

Well, that’s ok. Just don’t combine wine and lace knitting!

It depends, these days I spend a lot of time in front of the TV just knitting, and if no one else is home, and I can just knit solid, I can do a few inches on something, but as soon as my 'rents are home, that is it, I am up for snacks, I am playing with the dog (who gets antsy once everyone is home) etc…

That and I have a bad bladder, anything but water or milk and I am up and down like a yo-yo…but that is a different story all together! smiles

Last year, I was knitting an afghan. on the knit rows, I was doing about 800 sts in 45 mins with worsted weight yarn on size 7 needles. So going by that (17.7 sts/minute), at 66 sts per round, each round would take me about 4 minutes. at the end of 2 hours, I would have about 30 rounds, which would be 4-5 inches.

Yeah, four or five inches for me, as well.

I can knit without looking down at my work (and only knit – I can’t purl like this yet) and even with DPNs, you’ll get slowed down. I normally knit while watching something, but if it’s intriguing, the knitting goes LONG forgotten. So I wouldn’t judge your knitting speed while watching a movie.

Try knitting with music on or among friends. You go so much faster. I often sit on skype with my knitter buddy across the country and we both get a ton done that way. When I’m watching Six Feet Under? Forget it. I might get an inch.

Don’t feel bad! I cast on for a hat last night while watching a couple of my favorite shows. And then I frogged. (and cast on again). And then I frogged (and cast on again ) (repeat at LEAST four times-it was so frustrating I didn’t want to know the actual number of times, lol!).

I finally gave up and started another pattern and got about a 1.5 inch square piece. Its a pattern called the “One-Day Beret”.

HA! I think it’ll take me a good week to finish :teehee:

depends upon what it is i’m knitting…

if it’s stockinette or ribbing, probably quite a ways as I can do those without watching my knitting (i’m now to the point where i can read my screen without watching my knitting)

Hi! :waving:

Just out of curiosity, I timed the rows on an 8-row pattern repeat afghan I’m making (third time for the pattern!) and found that the whole pattern repeat (on 72 stitches, flat knitting, #9’s) takes approximately 30 minutes.

I did this partly in answer to the question “How long did it take you to make that?”. The afghans are gifts for my family members and three of them loved the pattern so I’m on my third go-round which speeds things up a bit since I’m familiar with the pattern.

It’s good for me to know approximately how long the repeat takes, too, since most of my projects get done in smaller increments of time - waiting for the washer to finish so I can put clothes in the dryer, for instance, or the time between setting bread to rise and punching it down for the second rise! :slight_smile: On those rare occasions when I get a couple of uninterrupted knitting hours :woohoo: I can figure out what I could get done in those two hours and then just go for it. Mostly these days I listen to movies, only occasionally looking up! But that’s OK if I’m knitting!

But however long it takes, just enjoy! Those hand-knitted pieces or SO important, for ourselves and our loved ones. My step-kids and nieces and nephews are so tickled to receive their afghans!

Good luck, and happy knitting! :knitting: