How far up will stockinette curl on a sweater?

(Yes, Ingy, I know it’s supposed to curl). :teehee:

Here’s is my intended, the Essential Indulgence sweater:

See how it’s all stockinette? And see how the bottom curls?

My question is: does stockinette eventually stop curling? And if so, how mnay inches of the bottom are likely to curl? If it’s too much, I’d like to add some inches to it, is why I’m asking…

Because of how she’s sitting, I’m a little suspicious…like she’s hiding more curling by having her hands at her waist like that…

Maybe I’m just being paranoid because I don’t know how far it curls…

I’ve had some stockinette pieces curl about two inches. (Worsted weight, if that makes a difference) I’m not sure what the norm is.

Awesome. That helps. I’m knitting up sport weight, and I’m not sure if it matters either, but I’ll consider adding an inch onto the bottom.

I’ll dig around too and see what I can find out.

Thanks Angelia!

:?? I’m not sure how far mine curled, but I know that after it was washed it curled less.

Thanks Jan. That helps too. :hug:

And when in doubt - check the pinned posts at KH! :cheering: I assumed the post a few above this was just the basics, but there are some excellent ideas in there if it curls too much! :slight_smile:

Try putting in a round of purl stitches where you want the curl to stop.

The type of fiber has a lot to do with the curling. If it’s a stretchy fiber like wool, it’ll curl more than a cotton or silk. But I’ve never seen any stockingette curl so much that it seriously affected the length. It’s not like it’s going to have a “window shade” effect. :wink:

I Think it will curl less when washed and blocked…my swatches always do


I could never have described it so aptly, but that’s exactly what I imagined happening. :teehee:

Thanks so much everyone!!!


I could never have described it so aptly, but that’s exactly what I imagined happening. :teehee:

Thanks so much everyone!!![/quote]

Being seamed should keep it from rolling up too much too. They only go up so far anyway, not all the way…


just today I was in my LYS and a lady came in about her pattern for a rolled edge sweater she s making for a child
the pattern told her to knit the first inch with a full sized SMALLER needle to make a tighter fabric
that way the roll would stop at the change in guage

am i right??