How doyou do a RC stitch?

Hi! I’m new here. I have a Vogue pattern that calls for a 8-st RC. As far as I know this cable is just a regular cable stitch? I’ve been knitting on and off for years and I’m just starting to get into advanced stuff and I just don’t get this one. Can someone help please?

Yes, it’s a cable stitch, sometimes they’re called crosses. Doesn’t the pattern mention how the Right Cross stitch should be done? Look at the beginning of it, before the CO. I’m thinking a RC would be holding the first 4 stitches in back and knitting the second 4, then knit the held stitches. That would make a cross to the right. But they might mean a cross from the right which would mean you hold the first 4 stitches in front.


An 8 stitch RC would be a right-crossing cable. Hold the first 4 to the back on a cable needle, knit the next 4 and then knit the 4 from the cable needle.

Thanks for the replies! I had a feeling it was a normal cable stitch but why they decided to call it a RC and not a cable stitch like the first part of the pattern instructions is beyond me. I tried holding the first 4 stitches in front but it looked totally off from the pattern of the rest of the sweater. Much appreciated for the help.