How does this work?

I know about self striping yarns and how Noro Kureyon stripes a booga bag, but how can it stripe a blanket? I would think the stripes wouldn’t go all the way across? Harry Potter thing going on here??

If my understanding of dyeing stripes is correct…the yarn is dyed in such a way (I have a book about it) so that the stripes remain the same width no matter the size of your project; I was reading about this before I was going to do some dyeing and stopped reading before I got to the details because I used the yarn that I was going to dye for my Dulaan Cable projects :wink:

maybe they figured out in the pattern how long the color repeats are?

There’s a bag in the summer 2003 (??) issue of knitters that uses self-striping yarn; you basically cast on a few stitches, and increase until the colors start to line up. Then you can measure how many stitches each one is, so you can rip it all out, and cast on the right number of stitches for the colors to line up right from the beginning. That sounds like a MAJOR PITA, though.

That blanket is only 37" wide before felting…I have a feeling a ginormous blanket might not work so well. :??