How does a tea cozy fit?

This may seem a stupid question but I have never actually seen a tea cozy before. I just bought my kiddos a little tea set from Ikea and the tea pot gets really hot so I was thinking of knitting up a little cozy so they don’t burn their cute little fingers. In order to do that I need to understand how it fits on, how it comes off, that sort of thing.

There are Tea Cozies on this page just to give you an idea. I can’t give you any first-hand experience, since all my tea is brewed in a cup. :wink:

Not sure about the tea cozies, Julie, but where did you go to IKEA? I’m from So Cal and I totally miss IKEA! I love that place and was heart broken to find there were none in CO.

The tea cozies I’ve made all slip over the pot easily. I like them to be “loose” so that there’s no chance of the pot tipping or anything while putting it on or taking it off. At the same time, I do have it snug enough that it doesn’t get in the way while pouring the tea. How’s that for clear as mud? :wink:

I am a tea lover and have made two cozies so far, one that looks like a strawberry and one that is two tone blue checker-board with a pom pom on top. Both of them fit over the tea pot with slits in the sides, one larger than the other so that the spout fits out of one and the handle the other. The cozie stays on the teapot while pouring the tea. There is another type of cozie that covers the teapot and is removed when pouring.