How do you use crochet markers?

I have noticed that i am dropping stitches along the way andsome of my blankets are begining to look like a trapazoid. I bought some stitch markers ( the crochet type that opens) but I was wonderinh ~ HOW per se do you use them?~ do you manually move them every time you move your hook? or does your hook move them as you go along?( like knitting where you just pass it along when you stitch) I am confused~!:shrug:

You actually hook the marker onto the stitch in the yarn. :slight_smile:

so does that mean you have to mannually move the marker each time you pass it … or do you pass it over the hook somehow?

Yes, you keep moving it up…I usually use them when I crochet in the round so I know the beginning of each round.

I sometimes use a different small piece of yarn as a marker. If you are changing colors or need to fine a certain point use a marker. In the round I place a piece for a couple of rounds and just move them up with the beginning of the round. It is like with knitting, use :happydance: if you need to or the pattern says to mark it and move it for each row if necessary or pattern change. You can use a marker if you want to for your own as a remainder for you even if the pattern doesn’t call for a marker.

If you are ending up with a trapezoid, it could be where you are putting the first stitch after you turn. I had that problem for a very long time. It took me quite awhile to figure it out.