How do you tension your yarn?


I suspect I am holding my yarn incorrectly by using my right hand to hold it then a somewhat exaggerated loop motion to knit. I can go pretty fast, but it is tiring. Can anyone show me what they do? I watched a video a bit ago where the person held the yarn in their left hand and only needed a small movement to knit. Thanks,


I am knitting Continental style, so my way of tension the yarn would probably not work for you.

I hold my yarn over the left index finger running down between my index finger and my long finger to the yarn ball. I very gently hold together the fingers to add a tiny bit of tension. With Continental style I do not need to do any yarn feeding movements (throwing, flickering) so I keep it statically like that for both knit and purls.


I switched to continental style because I felt I was wasting a lot of motion with the throwing style, which is what you described. I learned continental from Youtube. I wrap the yarn over my left pointer, under the middle finger, over the ring finger and all the way around the pinkie. I take the loop off the pinkie, twist it once, and put it back on. This helps keep the yarn on my pinkie. I find I need that little bit of extra tension. You may or may not.


I know how to knit both continental and english and think you should knit the way most comfortable or you. They both work and one is not better than another.

My go to method is english and I wrap the yarn around my pinkie then over my index finger. Not a great picture, but I hope you can get the idea. This works great and it’s quick. Yikes that came out a little large. If you need it smaller to see better i’ll try that.