How do you store circular needles?

Does anyone have a good way to store circular needles? I have so many and have yet found a way to organize them well.

It’s a few days later and I think I have found the answer! I purchased a scrap book box at JoAnn Fabrics. It’s made for baby memorabilia. It’s about and inch and a half deep and the top lifts up and over, like a book cover. Inside is a 3 ring binder arrangement with scrapbook pages - the pages with plastic page protector sheets. It’s PERFECT! I put little postit tabs on the right hand sides indicating needle size and just put my circulars inside the “pouches”. When I close the cover, it’s all contained in a box arrangement and nothing falls out. Thanks to everyone who responded with ideas.

Oragnize! If mine don’t have some bit of knitting on them, I put them in a large shoebox. If you don’t curl them up again, they stay straightened out.

There are adorable patterns here to make circ needle holders so that the cables don’t keep their curly memories. There are also patterns for all sorts of needle holders. Cute stuff, but I’m partial to that No-Sew circ needle holder with the spools…

[B]In the package they come in.


I read something on a forum here (I looked for it and could not find it)… someone said they use a toddler shirt and hanger. Hang the shirt on the hanger and then run the circulars throught the sleeves.

A lot of people are finding that fishing worm binders like this oneare perfect for storing both fixed and interchangeable circulars. You can buy extra ziploc bags if you need. I hate disorganization (ocd!) so I had to get organized. I have a large worm binder coming in the mail for my several pairs and interchangeables.

My circs are stored in my works in progress!!! But when they aren’t needed they are in original packages if the cables are short 16 in, or I’ve been putting them in regular large page protectors, marking the white edge and slipping them into one of those expanding files. In the larger page protectors, the cables don’t kink up as much. The file holds patterns too, also in page protectors. This was an accidental discovery for me–I was in a knitting class one day and when I was done with one size of needles I quickly slipped them in with the pattern so that they wouldn’t get mixed up with the person next to me.

kaidyddd, I like your idea…page protectors and then into an expanding file. Labelled. excellent.

:eyes: have worm binders…

I only have a couple of sets of circs and I sore them in my KP options binder in the double pocket pages. The ones I’ve got are 32" fixed in size 0-3 which dont get used too often.

Thanks! I loved that website - some great ideas!

I keep mine in one of those expanding files that you put recipes or coupons in. They dont’ fit perfect, but oh well. At least they are seperated by size that way and easier to find.