How do you sit when you knit?

Personally I am a beginner and I sit cross legged.:teehee:

I usually sit at a truck stop diner counter or table, or at at the bar. Either way works for me. Personally, I prefer the bar. :slight_smile:

i have a bad back so i’m normally half laying down, propped up by pillows. my knitting basically sits on my chest while i work

I prefer to sit on my sofa, to the far right with my right leg crossed over my right. I have my yarn on the floor to the right of me and I have noticed that my right foot bounces while I knit. I have tried to stop the bouncing, but it just doesn’t feel as comfortable.

I sit on my front porch swing, or by my koi pond, or by the TV, or in the car if hubby consents to drive, or in bed while he watches ESPN, anyplace comfortable. I don’t cross my legs, my feet go to sleep. And I have to stop and shake my right hand, since it goes numb.

All kinds of way. Slouched down on the couch, feet up on the couch, feet propped up on something off the couch, cross legged, lotus.
Staying in one position too long is a pain.

At home, I sit on the couch, the right side kind of in the corner. I find that sitting catty-corner makes it easier for my hands/arms to move. (I’m an english knitter/thrower).

On the bus, I sit with my project bag to my right and pretty much sit upright on the seat. I don’t kint at a table very often but when I do, I have to have my chair back from the table so I can move.

I can’t knit laying down because I’d probably fall asleep and impale myself on the needles. :slight_smile:

I mostly sit in my Lazy-boy chair with my feet resting on the footstool part and my elbows on the armrests. I have my wool either in a bag on the floor on my right side or on my lap but to the right side.

Bluebell usually takes up the rest of my lap.

I am usually kicked back on my bed. Semi-prone with my yarn on the bed beside me and the work in my lap. If I’m lucky Izzy, our basset, doesn’t rest her chin too heavily on the skein.
Sometimes she rests her chin on it and the yarn pulls hard.

Usually lotus. But, every so often, I give my knees some circulation and extend them out on my footstool!

Usually with my chihuahua in my lap…:rofl:

I sit on the couch on the right hand side with my feet up on the couch, too. My yarn is to my right if I’m knitting english, to my left if I’m knitting continental. The TV is usually on unless the project requires my full attention.

On the right side of the couch (if your looking at it), with my yarn in my little bag on my left. I’m either cross-legged or sitting somewhat on my left hip with my knees off to the side with my left arm on the armrest. I’m a continental knitter. In winter I have to have my legs stretched out (the ends of the couch lift open to recliners) so my dog can lie on the couch with me with her head in my lap. That’s really my favorite position.

[FONT=“Century Gothic”][COLOR=“Black”][SIZE=“2”]When I knit I either…lay down with my elbows prompt on my bed-sit down with legs crossed or with pillows behind me to support my back :slight_smile: [/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

Like this, but with my feet toward the left side so that my yarn basket can sit next to them and with my elbows inside the armrests, not on them.

I guess that’s not the same at all, except that I’m in a recliner. :wink: It’s not even a Lazy-Boy! :teehee:

I have a high backed office chair that I use for knitting. I have an obus form back rest in it. Sometimes I cross my legs, sometimes I don’t. The yarn barn, bag, or container always sits to my right. Sometimes I put my legs up on the back of the love seat that sits right beside my desk. I also have a breast feeding pillow that I put under my arms, and rest my arms and my knitting on that for comfort if I am planning a long knitting session. I hope this helps.

I’m one of those people you see sitting on a park bench or at a restaurant with a ball of yarn and a set of needles… I knit wherever and whenever the fancy strikes me. Usually when I knit at home I sit either on my bed semi-prone with my knitting on my chest, or curled up in front of the TV or somewhere else comfortable. When I’m out, I generally tend to keep my yarn in my bag and bunch the project in a heap on my lap, so people aren’t bugged by my constantly-moving work in addition to the clack of my needles :wink:

i like to curl up anywhere. some times i porposely sit in a position that makes my feets or hands fall asleep so i don’t get bored with what i’m doing.

It’s hard to think about how I sit without doing it and observing myself :wink: I sit kitty-corner to the far left (when sitting) of my couch, feet on the coffee table. My cat is usually on my lap biting the yarn as I use it, or if I’m lucky, is attacking the ends of the needles. My arms fall asleep every twenty minutes ,so I have to shake them all the time.