How do you show off your socks?

So you spend ages toiling lovingly on a pair of socks for yourself, finally finish, and…then you want to show them off! Well, I do, at least. :teehee:

I’ve been thinking of buying a pair of shoes for the sole (no pun intended) purpose of showing off handknit socks. Has anyone done this, and what shoes did you get? (Pictures very welcome!)

For my work, I have to wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes and long pants, so there’s not too much opportunity there for sock exposure most of the time. :pout:

I work in a hospital and wear Crocs. They count as closed toe, but they have holes in them and the colorful socks are pretty obvious in them. Plus, they’re easy to slide off so I can pull up my pant leg and show off the socks. :teehee: Half of my department is interested in my socks now!

When I wear my socks I just glow with pride knowing that I know exactly how awsome my socks are :thumbsup:

Well, first of all, I carry them around with me the day after I finish them and show EVERYONE my latest. Kind of like showing pictures of my children when they were babies. :teehee:

I wear slip-on shoes with open backs. Much easier to pull the ole foot out and show off my tootsies.


I just walk up to people and say, “Do you want to see my fancy socks?” :teehee:

I have shoes that have very open tops, so they are easily seen.

I have seen “see through” shoes in lys and yarn catalogs for just this purpose. I just hold out my foot and say “see what I made”!!! ( you see I am verrrrry humble!!!)

[color=indigo]I wear Birkenstocks year round so I can show them off easily. I have a pair of clear plastic rainboots for the rare times there is enough rain to warrent foot protection.[/color]

I show my socks off proudly in my… sock drawer.
(I almost never wear socks!) :shock:

Who’d of thunk it Kristin?? :teehee:

I haven’t finished my first sock yet, but you can be sure that everyone I come in contact with I will show them to!

I lift up my pants legs and say “look at my socks” and if they don’t look I shake my fist and repeat in a threatening tone “look at them, look at my socks, Leroy!”

Just had to add that it was my showing off of my first sock that got one of the teachers at my school interested in knitting. She’s currently working on her first project with ME as the teacher (I’m a para at our school…don’t actually “teach”).

I made the heelless toeless tabi style socks to show off my geta.

but I picked thick cotton and they are not that comfortable and so I don’t much wear them (especially in february). I think this spring I will try lace ones instead.

other than that, I have no socks. but I am plotting secret weapon kneesocks. :shock: and I think the golfing socks from the 20s are cute, so I might make some of those to fold over the tops of my boots. but I couldn’t wear them to work.

I also carry them around to show off like pics of my DS… :roflhard: Actually, I’m so afraid of messing them up, that I don’t wear them much! I’m holding off to wear them this spring with birkenstocks (The IL winter doesn’t leave much opportunity for sock-showing-off footwear!)

I’m a year round birk wearer too…Ohhhh…now there’s motivation…if I finish the socks I started I can buy a new pair of Birkenstock’s to show them off…hummm…

Great ideas, everyone! Thanks for sharing. :happydance:

I like the one about carrying a finished sock around just to show people. “I don’t have kids, but would you like to see my socks??”