How do you shoulder shape in moss stitch?

I’m a new knitter…trying this baby sweater pattern in moss stitch. You cast on 53 stitches, moss stitch until it’s 9.5 inches long. Ok I’ve done that. Now you cast off 6 st for the next 4 rows, then c/o 5 stitches for 2…blah blah blah. My problem is that with moss stitch it’s k,p,p,k. So to cast off and keep the pattern going, do I k1, p1, slip the k over the p and drop it? and then what I’d have left on the right needle would be the purl? So then to continue the pattern, I’d k1, slip the p over the k etc? It’s really hard to keep the pattern in my head and count cast off stitches! Is that what you do though?
Thanks in advance!

You can count the cast off sts after you’e done them, count the chains they make.

There’s an english version of moss st which is k2p2 for two rows then reverse, and another version which is also called seed st where you k1, p1 on a row, then the following rows you knit the purl sts and purl the knit sts. So I’m not sure which you’re doing.

I guess it would be seed stitch given your description.

Okay, then it’s even easier to do that version. Just keep in mind that when the next stitch looks like a purl, you knit it and when it lookse like a knit you purl it. You don’t have to keep the pattern in your head, it’s already in your knitting.

your post was great because it made me realize I had read the pattern wrong! ha ha. I ripped it out and started over in seed stitch and it looks nicer and lays flatter. I was doing k,p,p,k all the way to the end of the row, and then continuing in that pattern, so I had to constantly mark down what I had just done. Anyways, when it comes time to shoulder shape, I think it’ll go along just fine! Thanks for your help.