How do you save on yarn?

I have a project that i want to do and it calls for 27 balls of yarn - each costing almost $14. That’s almost $400 for a sweater dress!! I’m trying to find similar yarns that are more affordable but the cheapest I think I can do this is about $100. If you’ve had this dilemma in the past, how did you handle it? A hundred bucks may be ok if I only knitted one thing a year but I have so many more projects ahead of me.

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alot of folks around here use… it will list different types of yarn that could be used for susbstituting…
also Knitpicks… is a favorite around here b/c the prices are so good~!:thumbsup:

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I have made a hobby out of buying yarn:) at discount prices.

I don’t think I ever paid full price for yarn. I check Littleknits every day because she has great deals. I have a boatload of King Tut cotton (may fave cotton!) that is 45% off the price in the stores. I also got a lot of Noro (Big Kureyon, Iro, Transitions, Silk garden, Lily) at really good prices. is good too. Last year I bought a bunch of Cash Iroha there pretty cheap.

Web’s,, has a discount program where you get 20% off if you buy $60 worth of yarn and they have some really excellent yarns on sale too. has Jaggerspun Zephyr in lace weight and DK weight dirt cheap. I am wearing a Zephyr DK sweater right now that cost me under $30 to make. Her service is excellent, I have gotten orders the very next day!

TLC cotton plus is a wonderful cotton/acrylic blend that is only $2.69 a skein at Joannes. Good yardage (178) and great quality in a bunch of beautiful colors.

You could figure out how many yards you need for your pattern in the correct gauge and go from there. Yarndex is a great resource for yarn info too.

Some other great sites:, yarnbythe

Ah yarn! Wonderful yarn!

I agree marciab, it is really hard to fund some of my projects sometimes! I like to use nice yarn, like alpaca and merino and other soft fibers, but it can be SO expensive. I’m a student and I don’t really have a huge yarn budget. This is a great thread. I hope people post lots more sites to buy discounted yarn.

i stock up on those 40-50 percent off coupons from joann’s or i go and use the 10 percent off the total order. I also look for clearance and sales.

Another option is to stalk Goodwill or other thrift stores. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find yarn on the cheap (varying quality, though). I’ve also been known to buy a cheap, ugly sweater (used or new) made of yummy yarn, rip it out and knit with that. Go for the largest size available if you want the most yarn, and avoid sweaters with lots of seams (few continuous strands of yarn).

Ripping out yarn also familiarizes you with sweater construction, so added bonus. Nothing like tearing something apart to see how it’s made. :slight_smile:

That is a great idea, I never even thought about that, but it makes a ton of sense…

[CENTER][U][B]How do you save on yarn?? [/B][/U]
I deprive myself. :cry:WAH!!!
I’m so pinched for pennies most of the time I could cry.[/CENTER]

Lighting 57… pinching pennies?:waving: check out our thread here on buy/sell/swap… sometimes people will swap one yarn type for another or for a certain needles or books…
ALSO: sometimes people just give away free yarn ( when they are destashing ( thats a term for cleaning out the yarn bin~:rofl:) and I have seen peple just give it away as a first come first serve basis~~

Keep your eyes open~!:biting:

So many people have given you good suggestions here!

I just wanted to second the one for Their bag sales are great and I have gotten lovely yarn for great prices.

There is also smileys. They even have trunk shows – my mom just went to one recently in New Jersey.

Hope you find something you like!


I buy ALL my yarn online, the LYS around here is just too too TOOOOO expensive. All of the sites above are great, I have them bookmarked and check them every couple of days.

I also buy a significant amount of yarn from ebay, I have automatic notification from ebay for many of my favorites.

You just have to shop shop shop til you find a good deal.

You guys are so awesome! Thanks for all of the suggestions - I never even thought about buying a sweater and deconstructing it for the yarn - genius!! Through the websites that have been listed, I’ve been able to get the cost of the sweater dress down to about $70 - a little more do-able. I’m going to continue to shop around while I finish my current project. One obstacle I’m facing (especially on ebay) is that the amount of yarn i need is 22-27 skiens/balls - depending on the yardage - of DK weight. It’s difficult to find that much of one color or dye lot. But I won’t give up!! :knitting:

And FYI - Smiley’s is FANTASTIC! It doesn’t have what I need for this dress but I will definitely be looking there for other projects.

Yes, ebay can have limitations in the amount available but not always!!! You just have to keep looking.

What is the pattern/yarn? Maybe with more specifics we can help you search better. Also, do not go by number of skeins, you need to compare yardage instead.


I am doing a sweater dress from the most recent Vogue Knitting (forgot the name but it’s pattern #36) in a size small. The total yardage it calls for is 3369 yds. of DK weight. Most of the yarns that I’ve found would amount to 22-27 skiens/balls to equal that amount. I have seen great deals on acceptable yarns but they don’t have the color I want - a medium gray.

I may kick myself for posting this (who needs competition when bidding on ebay) but this is a seller I buy LOTS of yarn from. He sells conees of yarn in large quantities and is always adding more. The yarn is very nice, I have bought 20 or 30 cones over the years.

Most of his yarn is DK weight although he does occasionally have bulky weight.

You might find the perfect color from him if you are patient.

GinnyG - thanks for the information. And that dog is so cute I just want to put it in my pocket!! :slight_smile: has great prices for large quanitites. I have never ordered from them, but have heard great things. Although the yarn still has oils on it, it can be washed. And I think for a small fee you can have them wash it (I would definitely pay for this).


That is an interesting site, I’m not sure I can quite figure out what the price/yardage is but I’ll look closer. Do you know anyone who has actually ordered from them? Is the shipping time lengthy?