How do you rejoin yarn


I have a pattern where I had toput 18 stitches on my stitch holder. Now it says to:

“move 18 stitches from holder onto needle and attach yarn”

what the world does this mean??? I wish patterns were more clear. I should mention that I already did a binding off of the other needle/stitches, but saved the one stitch on my needle until I figure out how to it to the rest of the stitches…UGH.

Thanks for any help!!!

You can fasten off the one st that is left on the needle at the bound off sts. Cut the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail, put the tail through the loop formed by that last st and pull gently.
As for attaching or rejoining new yarn, take the end of yarn from the ball and hold it in place, again leaving about a 6 inch tail and start knitting. The first st will be a little loose but you can always pull gently on the tail end to tighten it up. Later, you’ll secure the end when you weave it in and that will make any looseness disappear.

To ‘rejoin’ yarn, you don’t really need to attach it, just leave a long enough tail to weave in later and start knitting. The first stitch may seem loose but it won’t pull out and after you’ve done more rows, that will anchor it in. Just pull on the tail to tighten it up.

THANK YOU SO MUCH… you are awesome.

Sorry to be a bother, but some explanations in my book just dont make sense. The instructions you gave, is that also how you would knit in the round? The pattern says:

Cast on 60 stitches then join. Then it says to knit 5 rows.

Do I need a circular needle or DPNs?

What pattern are you working on? That will help us help you.

Are you casting on stitches after the stitches you’ve bound off? If so, you might try the knitting cast-on, so you don’t have ladders (or gaps) between the old stitches and the new. You can see a video here: (Scroll down to find it.) At least, I think you can use the knitted cast-on in conjunction with bound off stitches. If not, someone here will be along shortly to correct me!

Also, when you knit in the round, you are knitting a tube, so you will need either a circular needle (if you have one short enough for your stitches to fit around it) or DPNs. Once you get all the way around the circle (or tube), insert a stitch marker after the last st, and then knit or purl (depending on your pattern stitch) the first stitch to “close the ring.” You can also pick up and knit in the first couple of joining stitches using your working yarn as well as the tail end of your yarn. The videos for working in the round on this site show you how to do that!

Good luck!

If you ‘join’ the sts you’d be knitting in the round. You can use dpns, a circular or 2 circulars. If your sts won’t fit around a needle you need to use the magic or single loop method where you pull the cord out between sts to ‘shorten’ it and then just keep knitting.

Hello, I am so sorry I didn’t include the link.

This is a different pattern then the one I messaged about with the 18 stitches.

Her is the link I am talking about knitting in the round. This pattern does NOT give a needle sized or types of needles use. So I am clueless here.

Thank you again. I need to know how to join in the round if using double pointed needles (although there are some great videos on here also).

Thanks everyone for your help.


You didn’t put a link in. The length for circulars will be different, depending on what you’re making; the size will be given in the pattern, and will depend somewhat on what gauge you get with the yarn and needle combination, especially for socks. Some people knit very tight and will need to use a 3 for socks, while someone else who knits loose will have to use a 0 or 1 with the same yarn. With blankets, if you’re using a heavier yarn, like a worsted, you’d probably like a looser knit than for a sweater so would use a 9 or maybe 10. Different weights (thicknesses) of yarn will use a different needle size. So if you were making a hat or scarf with thin yarn you’d use a smaller needle than if you used a medium or bulky yarn.

For a hat, some people like 16" length, but you have to use dpns, a longer circular or a second circ to finish the top after you dec because you go down to about 12 sts or so and that won’t fit around a 16". If you use a longer needle - 24 to 36" you can make the hat, (or socks or mitts) by using the magic loop method which is shown on the Advanced techniques page. Or pull out one loop for the 24" needle. A blanket can be done on a 29-40" needle - I prefer 32-36" because 40" is too much cord in the way, but others like them that long. So it’s all very relative. A lot depends on the pattern, the yarn and what size you’re making.

To join in the round with dpns, you take the cast on sts with the working yarn in your right hand and the other needle in the left hand and just knit. When you’re on the last needle of the first round, check your stitches to make sure they’re not twisted around the needles (they may do that where the needles meet) and straighten them out, putting the twist between the last and first stitch.

I really like this video from Shandeh here at KH for joining in the round. She’s shows you joining for both circular and dpns.

okay, here is the link, not sure why it didnt copy.

I really do appreciate all of your help, to EVERYONE.

You have been so patient and so tremendously helpful.

Okay, you can use dpns, or a 16" circ for this though you might have to do the first round flat instead of joining, then the sts will fit around more easily. There won’t be any decreasing so you may be okay, though with knitting the hair elastic into it, that may make it a smaller. You can do a modified magic loop then.

Oh, useful item. I’ve never seen one of these.