How do you pick your knits?!

Hi guys,
My first post :cheering: Anyway, I’m a new knitter, taught myself last year with a series of youtube videos and have since knit 4 scarves, 4 Christmas stockings (in the round) and a pair of slippers (on straight that required seaming). I feel fairly confident following patterns, or going off doing my own thing and have used cables etc.

Not being a fan of seaming I’ve decided that each of the kids will have a sweater (yes you guessed it…4 sweaters) but they will be knit in the round and I don’t mind if it’s top down or bottom up construction as have viewed videos on both and at the moment feel fairly confident that either will be ok.

My big problem is actually finding a pattern. There’s just too many out there (paid and free) so have decided to kind of design my own using bits I like from various patterns. Am I being too adventurous in this and should I just follow a single pattern to the last?

I have all my measurements for the kids and have worked out in my head and on paper how I would go about adjusting patterns to fit my own gauge (as opposed to my gauge to fit the pattern) as the kids have already picked what type of wool they like etc.

My eldest daughter has chosen a fairly chunky wool and wants a jumper/dress the youngest has chosen a dk wool but style is completely up to me.

Obviously as it’s my first attempt at jumper knitting I want to get one under my belt as soon as possible - Which do you think will knit up quickest, or which would you choose to knit first - the chunky jumper dress for a 26" x 29" dress or a dk in 22"x17"

If any of you also know of any chunky dress style patterns (or jumpers that I could just knit longer) that are knit in the round I’d love to be able to show them to my daughter to see that we do indeed both have the same style in mind!

There’s a couple of sweater pattern generators out there where you put in your gauge and the finished measurement you want and it makes you a pattern. You can adapt them to v neck or a cardigan as well as a pullover. is a top down yoke rather than raglan.

I would go with the chunky yarn first because it won’t take as long to knit as the garment in DK yarn. My first garment was a zip-up cardi in chunky yarn, and it went very fast; thus, minimizing the possibility of working on a “never-ending project” as my first one.

I would recommend inserting life lines when you get to the trickier sections of your sweaters. That way if you mess up or don’t like your design ideas, you can rip back and try again (provided your yarn isn’t all snarly from the ripping and retrying).

And as for this being too adventurous–says who? My recommendation is to try it. You can always come here and ask for help if you get stuck, and besides, you never know what you can accomplish until you try. If you get frustrated to the point of ripping your hair and everything else out, then reboot and start with a simpler written pattern.

We’d love to see your finished objects, so please hang around and post some pictures when you’re done.

Hi both and thanks for the replies.

They seem to be great links and I’v actually started my first jumper (but from a pattern as it was just too cute not to!)

Will certainly post some pics as it comes along.

One question - what do you mean by lifelines and how do I do them? They certainly sound handy!

For info the pattern I chose was the DK one for the youngest daughter in a hot pink colour DK;
It’s knitting up fairly quickly now that I’m used to the pattern - (Only took me 200 rows haha) so I’m approx half way around the top bit which I plan to join using buttons and then pick up my stitches to do the bottom bit -but plan on going longer for a dress style as she looks so cute in that look with a pair of leggings. Perhaps once I’ve finished all 4 jumpers I can go on to do her a pair of leggings with a cable down the side (by which time she’ll have probably outgrown this sweater lol)

Thanks for all the help and encouragement so far. I love this forum!

Progress so far

Sorry about photo quality - took on my phone!

Feel free to follow me on twitter for updates @allsturns but will post here while I remember to!

That’s an adorable pattern and you’re making great progress. Good color choice, too.
This pattern may work very well without a lifeline but one is especially helpful if you’re doing a lace pattern or a pattern stitch that is difficult to rip out and restart. Here’s a video to give you the idea of how to do it. Good luck with the rest of your projects!

Oh, the hot-pinkiness of it all–especially for little girls!

It’s looking great so far! :thumbsup:

Yay, just finished the yoke :cheering: Gonna put it down now until the kids have gone to bed.

You’re making great progress. Love the color. It will be very sweet on your little girl.

Was without electricity for 2 hours this morning while they upgraded my circuit board…Guess what I spent that time doing…Yes! The body.

After 2 failed attempts at picking up the correct number of stitches (I just kept miscounting argh) I have now worked a whole 4 rows of the body and can actually start to see the pattern forming. Go me!

Will update with a picture later as now the lecci’s finally back on I really do need to get the hoover around and get something in the slow cooker for tea!

Good luck with your own projects today guys…My recommendation is to turn the electric off for no distractions!!!

Oh, you are so right! I’m looking forward to seeing this finished project. Glad it’s working out so well.

No progress to speak of today. Did try to get some done when the kids were home and have messed up completely. Looks like I’m now going to have to unravel all the stitches out and start over again. Can’t find the motivation to do that. Feel so depressed about it and can only blame myself for not putting in the safety line you guys recommended but then I’d only knitted an inch up to that point, it’s just being a beginner an inch can take so long to accomplish!!!

Can you just frog a few rows back to the mistake rather than frogging the whole thing?

You can frog back to the yoke and not redo it, can’t you?


Yes the yoke is intact and boy am I glad the pattern called for that to be knit separate!

I just don’t see how I got the pattern wrong as It’s a fairly simple one over 11 stitches which is a series of P KBL and then k4 to finish grrr I’m so angry with myself.

Kids are such a distraction.

Frog: a frog says, “Rip it! Rip it!”

Sometimes simple patterns are hard because we [I]know[/I] they are simple. Yes, kids are a distraction…but we love 'em anyhow. I’m glad you don’t have to redo the yoke, that’s a lot of good knitting, it is beautiful!

Hahaaaha that’s brill. Should get on and do it really as I’m home until they deliver my new tumble dryer…

I’m about 3 inches down the body now…the end is near :slight_smile:

Good for you! Set backs and frogging are part of knitting. You always learn something from them. This will be fun to see complete.

I’m of the opinion that “frog” is simply the cleaned-up version of what you actually WANT to say when you realize you’re going to have to rip out a bunch of work and start over.:chair: