How do you organize and stash your yarn?

I have been reading and reading on how to stash yarn. Organize and label. But I have a mess every time I look for a color or weight etc.

Right now I have Shoe Holders hanging in my closet for the common yarns I use, then accent yarns or my heavy weights are in large bags or totes. I find the totes are neat as long as you do not touch them once organized.
I was wondering what others used to organize their stash???


I organize via Ravelry… then I store my yarn by dye lot in ziplock bags - usually freezer bags that I can write on the front of. I then put all of the bags in storage bins. Then, if I need a particular yarn, I check my Ravelry stash and know to pull out of my bins. I have one large lined basket that I keep all of my WIP in. It’s really easy to knit when my yarn is in plastic bags already - I just take out the yarn I need or if I need it all - I leave it in the bag - add a copy of my pattern and my needles. Then it’s portable. I leave the WIPs in the basket and pull the bag I want to work on and throw it in my knitting bag and go!

Organize? Well, I’ve [I]thought[/I] about it… Right now I have a huge Rubbermaid tub in my closet with all the various plastic bags, new skeins, leftover odds and ends, and needles thrown in. Then there are a few more plastic bags on the sofa with a WIP in each, and a small knitting bag with whatever piece I’m carrying around plus all my little tools and more needles. I do try to keep the circs in their plastic pouches until I get around to marking sizes on them.

I just added the best of my MIL’s stash and her large roll of straight needles to the tub, and I can’t find a darn thing. So I’m looking forward to reading some ideas too!

I almost peed my panties reading this, as I was there a few weeks ago. I love the fact to get organized, but to actually have the time to do it is another thing. I have a problem as well. My grand mother gave me loads of yarn, but I with no sleeve to let me know what it is. Most is wool I am sure but still it is hard to organize for knitting and give washing instructions. One of these cold in days I will go through it all and put them all together.
I guess I need to buy some zip lock bags for a start.


I have kitchen cabinets in my office in my barn. I have most of my yarn out there. It’s nice to open the doors and see what I have all at one time without having to handle it. I do need to move some of what I’ve purchased this year out there. I also have a filing cabinet out there with all my knitting magazines and pattern books.
Patterns I’ve printed off the internet are hole punched and stored in a 3 ring binder by category with tabs. Patterns I haven’t printed out are stored under my documents in pdf format by category,like socks, shawls, sweaters etc.

my mom has a bunch of shelves that take up a whole wall in a room that she has dedicated to all her sewing and yarn… unfortunatly is a really small room so its hard to move around in it… but shes got one whole shelf for yarn and 2 others for fabrics then a bunch of rubbermade bins full of unfinished projects… in my room i have a big dresser that i stuff with all my yarn since my closet is big enough for all my clothes… usually when i buy yarn i buy what i need for a project i have in mind… so i usually keep it in see through bags and wright on it what i was gonna make… once i make that project i take my scraps and i roll em all into balls and i put the same brand names and types together despite color… i like mixing colors you wouldnt think will go together really… but if i’m mixing weights or textured yarn i like to know what different stuff i have at a glance so yeah all that goes into see through bags too and labled with brand name and type … it works well for me … one day id like to have a big room that i could turn into my yarn room and i would love to have it organized like a yarn store … with open bins full of yarns … but thats far in the future…

I’m supposed to organize it??

Right now I have a big tub of animal fibers and another smaller box of cotton and blends.

Then I have odds and ends in baskets on my messy desk.

Ha Ha Ha!!! I LOVED this!!! I have huge rubbermade totes that I through my skeins into. I have thought about organizing it but I am at a loss. So, in my tubs I have my stash yarn, extra bits from old projects, knitting books…

But then the knitting mess continues (the tubs are overflowing of course!)!!! Through the living room with a project on the coffee table. The mess finally comes to a rest at the chair where I knit. In organized chaos around the chair there are all my needles (kept in the yarn ball holder my MIL bought to keep my son away from the yarn ball connected to my WIP), a WIP on the chair, some more patterns from the internet, my traveling knitting bag, and 2 more bags with WIP in them.

But wait, the chaos continues into the bedroom! The last and final WIP sits on my nightstand.

I am in despirate need of some organization! But it will have to wait, I am due on the 21st. :woot:

Organize? What’s that?! :roflhard:

Organization would require effort, and that would require thought, and that would require
ow, OW, [COLOR=black][B]OW[/B][/COLOR], [SIZE=3][B]OW[/B][/SIZE], I think I just strained my brain.

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:wall: I really do try to be organized with my stash. I keep my WIPs in ziplock bags so I can grab them whenever I want to knit (which is always). In my bedroom is a plastic tote full of the yarn that I bought when I started knitting a few months ago. I also have my FO that I’m saving for Christmas gifts there. In the living room next to the sofa I have a lined basket that is overflowing with more yarn that I can’t resist buying. It are also WIPs, needles (in bags and organizers, some might be loose), magazines, my project tote bag and who knows what else. Oh and for easy access, between the seat cushion and arm of the sofa is a cosmetic bag with all my little essentials.

The problem I’m having is that I rather be knitting than organizing. But I think I’ll make this a priority to at least put all the same yarn skeins in giant ziplocks so I can see what I have. Oh who’s kidding…I probably still won’t get organized. If I had an entire room to devote to my knitting stash it would still be a mess.

Organize my stash???:roflhard: :roflhard:
Earlier this summer I went through and organized it all, put it in separate tubs and boxes and even organized my needles. That lasted about 2 weeks when I couldn’t find something I knew I had. Now it’s all back to jumbles (the needles have stayed pretty organized). I’ve given up and just try to keep it in tubs and not in bags all over the house. At least it’s all in one place. Maybe someday I’ll get that organizational skill and it won’t be so hard.

Are you kidding:roflhard::roflhard: Here’s my mess. 12 big bins and11 small bins.This is my computer room / stash room.I have mine in order by wool,cotton,CSS,Baby ect ect. Can I find anything,not really:roflhard: The book case is just filled with patterns I have copied and books. Everything in here is for knitting, even the computer:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]What is a Lord of Chaos? Well, Merlin, was one and I think I am too. :slight_smile:

I know were all my WIP and yarn is, but to anyone else it is a mess of plastic shopping bags, canvas bags, and occasionaly something stuffed in my back pack. :shrug:

I have to keep it all (or most) in the bedroom on my side of the bed because I haven’t been able to pause life for more than an hour at a time and often less lengthy periods of time. So I use what time I get to indulge in crochet or learning more about knitting. I can’t waste what time I get on sorting and filing yarn and patterns by type or brand or any of that! :oo:

But if the world ever starts to spin slower for me, then I’ll go right back to KPG’s post and take notes and make plans to implement something like that. It sounds like a personal yarn store.

–Jack :guyknitting: [/COLOR][/FONT]

yup, Jack and I live in the same universe. Mine’s by my bed too.


:muah: to all - wow, I feel normal now. I now know that all my stashes of WIP’s around the house is normal!!! :woohoo:

I would love to be more organized and have a place for everything - I’ve tried, but then I start a project and I don’t want to work in the basement, so I bring it upstairs with me… Did I mention I also have ADD - so then I start another project, 1st project on nightstand still not finished… and it keeps going. Right now I have 3 projects on my nightstand, 2 in the living room, and 1 in the dining room (and I’ve bought yarn for 2 more projects) shhhh don’t tell dh.

I would love to have a comfy cozy place in my house where I could just leave all my sewing stuff out… One day I hope to have my very own sewing room.

Thank you to all for the support and organizing ideas…

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

I bought clear rubbermaid containers for mine and then put shelves in a spare bedroom closet. I noticed 2 things : the containers are kind of funky smelling and more importantly #2 the hubby can see through the containers and know how much yarn I have. Then when I go to Fiber festivals or the LYS has a sale he complains that I don’t need more yarn - yeah and he needed more motorcycle parts - NOT. Anyway, I have found labelling brown paperbags with brand names (that hubby doesn’t associate with yarn) and stashing them in closets and my sewing table is really much safer :teehee:

I organize this way…

When I get around to it, I put balls into yarn cakes. This makes it easier to store. I have also found it best to put the labels around the ball, as it has all the info right there…so I just hole punch two holes in the label, and thread the outside end through it…

Then I store it all in here…

The top drawer is fine yarns such as lace and sock

The second is baby, sports and DK weight

The third is worsted

The forth is currently felting

The fifth is novelty

and the 6th is Large yarns.

Now don’t get too excited…this looks good from the outside, but you haven’t seen my hallway closet…it is riddled with yarn I don’t think will fit in said drawers, or have time to wind…etc…I am getting to it…smiles

:thud: Maybe it’s just the neatness of the rhyme, but a “yarn barn” appeals to me. Ever since I read this, I keep chanting “yarn barn, yarn barn” over and over. A whole barn full of yarn…mmmmm…

I totally agree! Yarn does insulate: I’ve got mine in bags, then boxed and labelled according to type: eyelash, wool, chunky, yarn company…
We have a 3 season front porch where the boxes are kept above the windows for many reasons: to insulate the room, to keep away from ornery Gilligan (who can hopelessly wrap a ball of yarn around 6 chair legs in 2 seconds flat, and my kids - two of which are yarn thieves (one of those is a 3 year old who wraps it 3 million times around a crochet hook - actually, a pretty good start!)