How do you organise your stash?

As title really, do you organise by colour, by weight etc, or are yarns just put in a box where there’s room? I need some ideas as all of my yarns are just chucked in a big plastic box and I end up buying new when there’s already some in my stash, and it’s getting expensive!

I have a couple Ikea cabinets/shelves that I mainly use and a closet that has my sewing machine where I can organize. I prefer organized by weight and then color. I figure I’m most likely to stick to one weight and choose colors from that. Right now it’s a big mess though.


I admit, I follow the heap method of organization. Several heaps really. Each in a different bin or bag or chest.

Good if you like the scavenger hunt searching method to go with. :slight_smile:

That’s basically what my method …errr…mess looks like now. The problem is I often can’t find what I’m looking for so I just buy more which adds to the mess… It’s driving me mad right now.

I have a large tote I store all my yarn in. That is, after the avalanche caused by removing the wrong towel from my closet shelf. I forget to go through my stash before buying more yarn and then and up with multiple half-used skeins of the same color. I also have a bad habit of over-estimating how much yarn I’ll need for any project. So the stash keeps growing. Because my latest yarn purchase will not fit into the tote, I have come up with several new projects (most of them Doctor Who related) that will use a lot of the TARDIS blue yarn I have. It will only involve buying some white in the same weight.

Anyway…I decided to store my needles in the tote so I have to get into the tote to access the appropriate size needles I need for a new project which should then prompt me to see what yarns I have and what yarns I will need for the new project before I go to the store.

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I have quite a few totes and large handbags I don’t use. So each one I store yarn by colour. Each handbag had the hues so I knew which to go to. This way the handbags get used, since bought by hubby! If I could only get him to like buying yarn!

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I know this is about organizing stash, but here’s some thoughts on using it.

I also tend to overestimate how much I’ll need for a project (sometimes intentionally because running out is NOT an option!). Sometimes I just buy a pretty/soft/eye catching skein of yarn by itself and later wonder what I was thinking. So I have a big stash, some lovely, some not so much.

I knit hats for charity throughout the year, but once a year or so I’ve been doing a “charity hats or other stuff knit from stash only” project. It’s actually pretty fun and cheery. Here’s some links I have for stash busting projects.

And of course there is always the log cabin blankets /pillow covers /squares /rugs…


Unfortunately I’ve found I have a very short attention span, so need a ‘busy’ pattern to lose myself in - beanies, blankets etc, unless they have a pattern such as lace or cabling, don’t tend to hold my attention. Annoyingly at the moment I seem to be having a prolonged fibro flare and my brain is refusing to cooperate! Just tried to do the crown of a hat, I’ll have to frog and start again tomorrow with stitch markers as apparently I can’t count :joy:

I ALWAYS use stitch markers. No point in worrying about counting or getting an decrease in the wrong place because that would annoy the crap out of me!

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I need some new ones, been using these ones: but I don’t know whether it’s me or them but I keep snapping the things so need to get some of the ring type instead :slight_smile:

I have my yarn in two plastic bags. Most of them are sorted by size in those bags, except for a few stray large skeins of yarn that is included in the bag with the small skeins of yarn. I also have yarn I am using or have used in my knitting bag. Good luck with organizing your stash!

Just saw this on FB!


I have those markers and I ONLY use them on the fabric itself for marking something or holding two pieces of fabric together if needed. I don’t like them for on the needles.

For a long time I used these metal ones that you can get in the jewelry section of a craft store. They get crappy looking after awhile if that matters.

HOWEVER, I no longer use them. They work as long as the split doesn’t open or they don’t catch on the yarn. I now ONLY use these. If you look closely the metal ends are inside the bead. The shape of the marker also makes it so they don’t slip under YO. I get them at my yarn store and they are worth every penny.

There are other markers that have the ends tucked in a bead that would probably work fairly well. They may slip under YO though so be careful.

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I store my yarns by color in very large white paper boxes from IKEA (in their office products section). I have six boxes: greens, blues (2), gray, black and miscellaneous. On a Postit note, I write yarn brand, name and color and # of skeins. You could also similar boxes from Amazon. Michaels and JoAnns has good storage boxes, but they are much more expensive than the ones @ IKEA,
To prevent buying nearly identical shades of the same color, I used to use my iphone to photo the yarn in my stash. Now I used a new app, called Photo Moxie. It allows users to organize photos into file folders and subfolders, which I label by yarn name. Now I know how different types of blue yarn I have.
I also have StashBot on my phone for estimating yardage.
I also photograph circular needles in their package right after I buy them as a way to prevent duplicates (I don’t like interchangeable sets).
IKEA storage boxes

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Thank you! Some great ideas there :slight_smile:

My stash is everywhere as my husband is working on fixing up the room I used to store it in. Right now it’s in bins mostly, in zip lock type bags due to bug paranoia. I want a big shelving unit with like, blocks for my yarns and probably some of my craft books. I don’t know how long the renovations will take, probably a long time. :confused:

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I use bookshelves (from office, before I retired) with yarns held in the cheapest clear plastic (open topped, so yarn can breathe) or cheap tulle or organza gift bags. I sort bags of yarns by intended projects. When I change intentions or just get a little bored, I rearrange everything! I like handling my yarn and admiring my good taste in yarns, colors, projects – until I change my mind again. Good fun for a slow morning.

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I’m old to knew
I have plastic drawers which I keep wool in then I never use the new wool before it becomes old lol

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I have horrible stash organization from moving about four times in just over a year and I simply haven’t had the energy or motivation to redo it. right now it’s all stowed away in plastic totes, bags, chests, etc. all over my house. when I do get around to actually doing it again, though, I’m going to get some of those stackable cubes, organize by weight, then by color. I will probably also have a separate compartment for all of my worsted cotton and one for my decorative yarns that I would generally use in tandem with something else (eyelash yarns, sequined ribbon yarns, etc.)

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I got a nice shelf from michaels and it was 50% off and I was able to use an additional 20% off total purchase coupon. I think I paid 49 for it. I store my yarn by weight then by color but my colors are all mixed up right now. I’ll get to them. I just moved from dining room in the back of the house to the back of the laundry room. We have dogs and they always seemed to like going in there and picking out a color and stringing it all over the house or even take a quick bathroom break. :sleepy:. Keep looking for sales on shelves. The other 2 shelves I have I got from walmart for 39$. I got them one at a time. Keep in mind by the pics I’m still organizing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning: the pic with shelf on the table is the one I got from Michaels. Hope this helps.