How Do You Make Your Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

I make mine with just buttered bread and 1-2 slices of American Cheese. Pretty basic, but I saw a great one the other day that also had ham and tomatoes on it. This got me to wondering how everyone else makes their grilled cheese sandwiches?

Usually just like you do, but I have put ham on it and it’s good!

I like to use sharp cheddar on sourdough bread.

I use whole grain bread, with “stuff” in it (seeds, nuts, etc)… I usually use 3 slices of cheese, we usually have sharp cheddar, provolone, swiss, and meunster in the house. Sometimes I add onion and stone ground mustard.
Sometimes I broil them open-faced, so the cheese gets crispy on top. yum :drool:

Oh I wanted to make one today, but had no cheese! This is my favorite one.
Put a little olive oil in a heated cast iron skillet. Add 1 slice bread, top with 1 slice provolone, thinly sliced tomato and fresh basil leaves, a little salt and pepper , another slice provolone and top with another slice of bread. I put another cast iron skillet on top to press till golden, then turn over.
Variations have included, thinly sliced grilled eggplant or zuchinni, or a thin slice or 2 of genoa salami.
If I don’ have fresh basil, dried basil or oregano is also really good.

I am a purist. Grilled cheese sandwichs may have condiments such as horseradish or mayonaise; but adding tomato or ham or even onion makes it no longer a grilled cheese. it is then a grilled “whatever” (ham and cheese; cheese and tomato; onion and cheese).

I make them with just cheese and butter on the bread. but if we have tomato then I add the tomato, it’s also really good with grilled onions and tomato.

It depends on my mood. A grilled cheese sandwich to me as a child was always white bread and cheese slices (processed cheese). I like to dip mine into Cambells tomato soup (always made with milk, not water).

Every now and again, I like to have a “real” grilled cheese, which I like to do on a fancier bread, like rye or flax. Then I like to cut slices of medium chedder right off the block. Takes longer to melt, but man that is good.

In the end, I feel they are two different things.

I got in a “discussion” the other day with someone so said that a toasted cheese sandwich and a grilled cheese sandwich are [I][B]ONE AND SAME[/B]. [/I]I beg to differ–to me a toasted cheese sandwich is a cheese sandwich without any butter that is toasted or broiled in the oven (or toaster oven) and a grilled cheese sandwich involves buttering the bread and grilling it on a griddle or in a skillet.
My mom in her young days ran a restaurent and made a billion grilled cheese sandwiches–she uses a different method–she never butters the bread. Instead she puts the cheese between the bread and takes a pat of butter, throws that on the hot griddle–lets it get all bubbly and brown-then puts the sandwich in the butter puddle on the grill. Oh my yummy!:mmm:

Yes, indeedy, they are two very different beasties.

I’m pretty much the same as you all. Cheese, bread, possibly tomato, ham, bacon, onions, whatever. That one with the provelone and basil sounds yummy…

Ever heard of this:

Grilled peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. Exactly as it sounds. So good! But, your teeth MAY fall out with all the sugar. (you could also put some banana in there too if you wanted). So hungry…:teehee:

Definitely NOT the same! My grilled cheese is basic…buttered bread, cheese slices in the middle. Once in a while I’ll put mayo in there, but I generally keep that for the toasted cheese sandwich.

Buttered sourdough with a mix of sharp cheddar and either muenster or havarti and roma tomatoes.

I really like it with brie and either thinly sliced pear or Granny Smith apple, but I’m pretty sure that that wouldn’t fall under anyone’s idea of a grilled cheese. So good, though.

Cheese and bread. Cast iron skillet on high heat.

When I was in college I’d forgo the butter and do it in a toaster oven. It was quick. Not quite the same but there was no mess so it was very fitting for college.
I didn’t care if it was toasted or grilled. It was melted cheese on burnt bread.
If I fed it to you and you argued whether it was toasted or grilled I’d leave you with nothing :slight_smile:

Buttered whole grain bread, grilled with a couple of slices of Swiss. Yum,yum.

Now I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow :mrgreen:

Thank goodness I’m not the only one who just does buttered bread and cheese. After I read about the grilled cheese with ham and tomatoes, I thought mine sounded a little “outdated”, but I seem to be in good company. But don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely going to try some of the variations you guys gave me!!

Oh, I like the idea of the apple in it. I am with Cricket though, cheese right off the block. Now, if I need something quick, I will use the processed cheese on a piece of toast buttered. I use to make cheese and bologna sandwiches when I was a kid. I called them Super Sandwiches and I put it under the broiler to melt the cheese. I am so hungry for a grilled cheese now. Thanks guys, I’m on a diet.

I warm up a tortilla and put cheese on one half, then fold it over. Yeah, a quesadilla is a grilled cheese sandwich…

Okay, when I use bread I butter one side of the bread, put that side on the pan, put cheese on it and put another slice of bread, butter side up on top, then flip over when the first side is toasted. I’ve had one with tomato though, and it’s really good.

I make my own bread, so I use my own 10 grain whole wheat bread spread with butter and thick slice of med cheddar. You’re making me hungry and I’m trying to lose more weight.

I see those chef shows with their fancy Paninis and I’m like, give me a break, it’s grilled ham and cheese.

But then I was cooking fried potatoes and onions for years before I found out chefs call it Potatoes Lyonnaise.

The closest I come to anything fancy on my grilled cheese is dipping it in a bowl of Campbell’s tomato soup.