How do you make sock stripes match?

I’ve just starting knitting socks from the yarns that form stripes, but have a hard time making sure stripes match on the two socks. Is there a secret to doing this? I’ve resorted to pulling yarn off the skein until sequence matches first sock. Even then I’ve had some problems. With Kroy Socks yarn, one skein was “backward” from the other, even though I matched dye lots, etc.

Before you start to knit the socks, pull out several yards of the yarn from two balls and match them up. Mark where you start the first ball on the second ball of yarn so that you’ll know for sure where to start sock two. For example, if you’re using longtail cast on, make a slip stitch in both balls at the same place in the striping.
And as you learned, the striping pattern may start on the inside of one ball and on the outside of the other.

It’s hard to get them exact, but using two skeins and pulling the yarn out so you reach the same point is fairly accurate. Beware though that they may have been wound “upside down” so that you have them opposite… in other words a color group of red, blue green might be green, blue, red. You may need two skeins or be prepared to do a lot of adding little pieces in the right places on one of the socks which means a lot of weaving in.