How do you make button holes in ribbing?

:?? Sorry folks if this is a repeat question - but I have just spent an hour browsing through the threads & forums and am going blind trying to find what I need.

I am knitting my first sweater with buttons, and now I know why I haven’t tried this before. I have picked up my stitches along the front, done my first row of K1,P1 and now on row 2 I am supposed to: Rib 3, cast off 1st, (rib 6,cast off 1st)
the next row reads: Rib 2, cast on 1 st (rib 7, cast on 1st)

I have done this about 5 times now, and no matter what I do I only end up with a tiny little hole, and the picture of the patern shows rather large buttons so I know I am doing something wrong. I have watched the video on buttons, but that is for regular knit and not a sideways ribbed row.

I hope this makes sense to someone out there who can give me other options or help me work this mess out.

You can cast off 2 and cast on 2 instead, just take a stitch away from the ribbing on either side of it -

Rib 2, cast off 2, rib 5, cast off 2, etc. then the next row
Rib 1, cast on 2, rib 6 cast on 2, etc.

Thanks, I will give that a try. I was thinking about trying the 1 row version - but I’m not sure if it would look the same going sideways in a sideways rib?

I will give it a few more tries - I’m affraid that if I have to rip out this rib any more my side stitches are going to start looking awful.

Did you pick up stitches along the front of the sweater and work a ribbed buttonhole band? If that is what you are doing, I’ve done that and the one row buttonhole works, but it is best to work them all from the RS and not some RS and some WS, they look better that way.