How do you make a buttonhole smaller?

I have a cardigan (Forestry) that has buttonholes that are just a tiny bit too big. The buttons won’t stay buttoned. Is there a good way to make the buttonholes just a bit smaller?

I think you can crochet around the edge but I am blanking on where I saw the info… A book maybe? :??

Oh, the cardigan is long-ago finished off. I’m not looking for anything that involves ripping! :fingerwag:

Crocheting around the edge would work. You could also just take some yarn and kind of whip stitch around the edge. I’ll see what I can find for a tutorial.

Yeah, I’ll vote for sewing the ends a litte bit to make them smaller.

Thank you ladies! I ended up using the “buttonhole stitch” as described in several of my books (Teach Yourself Visually Knitting, The Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques, and Knitter’s Companion).

It is stated to “reinforce” buttonholes, but also make them a tad bit smaller. I believe it’s called “blanket stitch” when used on an edge.

The funny thing is, it’s a suture pattern used to close skin - called the Ford Interlocking. I recognized it as soon as I started sewing. It’s a little easier on animal skin than on knitting but it did the trick!

My buttonholes are just a bit smaller and stiffer, and now my cardigan doesn’t want to open up.


Yes, the Ford interlocking is also called the blanket stitch. I wonder if Ford used it for knitting as well? Glad all that training came in handy.