How do you knit below a stitch

hi am a bit stuck how do you knit below a stitch never come across this stitch before

If this is to do with increasing a stitch. there is a video of knitting increases below a stitch in the video library here on KH.

Here is the link to the video which Karina is talking about:

Awww, but if it’s part of a shaker rib stitch or mistake rib stitch you will knit into the “v” below the next stitch on your needle instead of knitting into the stitch on your needle.:thumbsup:

Knitting below the stitch is actually pretty easy to do. Look at the stitches on your needle. See how the knit Stitches form little vees. Just stick the point of your needle into the middle of that vee and knit the stitch. You will then slid both stitches (the one above and the one you just knitted) off the needle. It will have two loops instead of the usual one loop. It looks a little odd on the first couple of rows but as you do more rows you will see that it makes a nice looking stitch. I hope I said this clear enough. If not, you can do a Google search on “knitting in the stitch below” you will find a couple of sites that have pictures showing the method.