How do you keep up with which needles you already own?

So you don’t buy them again? short of carrying every needle with you to the yarn store, of course. LOL

I know there has to be something out there!

I’ve read of some people making a small chart (maybe index card sized) that will fit in a purse. Just check off the boxes of needles you own. I guess you could have one each for straights, circs, and DPNs if needed.

That’s what I do… I keep a small index card with 3 categories (straights, DPN’s, and circulars). Then along the top, I list all the sizes. I check off the ones I already own as I go.

I usually only buy new needles when I start a new project that calls for a specific size I don’t have, which also helps. :slight_smile:

I keep a little card in my purse. Since I bought a set of the Denise Interchangeable needles I have not had to buy any more needles. :cheering:

I’ll only need to buy some different sizes in the Double needles. wish someone would come out with a set of those! :slight_smile:

I seem to not have a problem remembering. It’s pretty easy, mine are mostly circulars and different colors. I have two of every size from 10 to 15, except 10.5, and that includes the two metric sizes between 10.5 and 11, size 8 dpns and an 8 circ, 17 and a couple straight ones 3 and 5 that I never use.


I’m the same way, I’ve not had much of a problem remembering which needles I already have. I did type up a list when I was collecting my addis and checked off each size as I got them, though…this also came in very helpful for Lonnie, much to my surprise! He found my list and also got addis for me to surprise me :hug:

I was lucky that I bought my Denise needles pretty quickly after taking up knitting. The only needles I need now are DPN’s…having just one category to deal with is much easier to remember.

Cheryl…you only have a set of Denises and dpns?! :thud: I admire your restraint!

umm is it wrong to keep buying needles for different projects? =P

I love the options set cos I’ll be able to add more tips / cables if I really need them.

I just “know.” You know? :wink: I don’t keep a list or anything, but I could rattle off all of the needles that I have, straights, circs and dpns. I know that i haven’t been knitting for very long, but I’ve still accumulated quite a collection already.

I do the same as a pp mentioned and only buy needles, with the exception of my Denise’s during that 50% off sale, when starting a new project.

:roflhard: Super full disclosure…I actually have 2 sets of denise, a 40" and 52" extra cable for them, a set of boye (used once) and dpn’s. Oh and a circ US 17 addi and a 60" #2 addi for two socks magic loop. And various other orphan needles that neer get used. I never use the Boye set though so they don’t really count, right? I really just use the Denises and DPNs though 95% of the time :slight_smile:

Just…wow! I’m such a needle junkie! I have many addis, many other circs, Denises, KP Options, KP circs for socks, etc, etc, etc…I NEED HELP :rofling:

After reading this post I googled Addi’s (just for some info) and found this site, click on needles, then Addi Circs, then each one of the topics and there is chart with all the sizes available, they have this for the Natura,Turbo and the Turbo Jumper Flex Needles.

I thought that this might help for those of you that have the Addi’s, someday I hope to !

The knitting journal I bought has an area for you to write down all your needles, from straights to DPNs to circulars (with different lengths, too). I have to have a list because I just can’t remember.

If you have a plam pilot (I’m a bit of a gaget freak), there are knitting programs for it.

One helps you keep track of yarn and needles, one gauge and projects, etc. They are really cool and helpful if you are a techno-geek like me.

I had a coworker give me her entire set of knitting “stuff”, two full sets of needles from 1-35 (size), a set of circulars, stitch holders, cable needles, crochet hooks, and the <u>coolest</u> knitting basket, straight out of the 40’s (wooden holder, flolds open, hidous fabric) I LOVE IT.

But then I went out and bought a whole other set of needles. I got them on ebay for $5.00, too good to pass up…Then I recently bought the Denise needles. Sign, I’m not only a yarn ho, I’m a needle slut!

And you know what…with 5 sets of 10 1/2 all of them are being used right now, on different projects. :hair:

(Stands up) My name is Elisa :waah: and I’m a needle slut.

(all together now) Hi Elisa. :waving:

Hi Elisa.

It will be ok. The first step is admitting you have a problem. :eyebrow:

I have all my knitting needles on an Excel spreadsheet. I use Documents to Go on my PDA (Sony Clie) so I can have the list with me wherever I go. It’s nice to have, because you never know when you’ll find needles on sale.

Here’s a portion of the spreadsheet:

ok… uh what is wrong w/ being a needle slut? * not going to mention set of aero’s, denise , and full set of us sizes…

also tries to straighten large tote of "extras, like bobbins, needle end protectors, etc.



Here’s my system. I go to the store. Find a pair of needles I think I might want. Stand there for 5 minutes :?? trying to remember if I have them or not. Be totally unable to remember. Call home hoping someone is there so I can ask them to go through my needles and tell me. End up buying the damn things anyway.

It’s a foolproof system.

stands up in support Hi. My name is Heather and I am also a needle slut. The last time I used was… about 15 minutes ago. Know me before you judge me. :rofling: