How do you "insert a marker thread"?

I’m considering this lovely cardi but don’t understand one of the instructions
"Insert a marking thread in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 11th and 13th stitch. Increase 1 after each of the first 3 marking threads and 1 st before each of the last 3 marking threads."
The bottom section of the front is a circular kind of shape if that helps!
If I’m inserting a marking thread, do I lace a piece of yarn through the original stiches, or could I use a stitch marker and carry it up??
the design is a Norwegian one, I’ll try and link it, by the way they have heaps and heaps of free patterns, its called and th one I want to do is in the ladies section, “DROPS jacket in Eskimo with circle effect a sides”

I still can’t link!!

Yeah, you would just put the thread through the stitch…or a safety pin…I would think that you could use a sm too and just carry it up…that might be easier than finding the st with the thread or pin :think:

No it’s just a stitch marker. You can use another piece of yarn, some thread or just a regular stitch marker.

thanks for that ladies, I was wondering how i could keep track of a thread through a stitch, I’ll give it a whirl with markers and see how it goes!

Use contrasting yarn so it’s easy to see. Leave the ends an inch or two long (or tie them loosely) so they don’t pull out. I like using yarn markers because they don’t distort the stitches the way plastic or metal can, and because they’re free.

Yes, the garnstudio site is a real treasure. Their yarn are great, too.