How do you end with a RS row?

[B]Martha Stewart Coming Home Poncho - Lion Brand Knit Pattern[/B]
I’ve finally reached the home stretch of this pattern. I have a very basic question now. The pattern says, “Work in Garter st (knit every row) for 2 inches [5 cm], ending with a RS row. Bind off loosely.” How do you end with a RS row?

Before I began my first row of Garter st, while holding the needle in my left hand, the RS was facing me (as per the instructions). I knit every row for the 2 inches, but I’m not sure where to stop. While holding the needle in my left hand, which side should be facing me when I stop before binding off (RS or WS)?

I can finish this long awaited project with a little help!

Thanks in advance!

:slight_smile: Jenny

This means that the last row you knit before you bind off should be a right side row of the pattern.

So, the bind off row would be a wrong side row if you were to continue to knit.

Hope that makes sense!

So, do I want to stop knitting every row when the needle is in my left hand (as though I were going to knit another row) with the RS facing me?

If the needle with the knitting on it is the left hand needle, and you just turned the knitting so you can begin to bind off, then the [I]wrong [/I]side would be facing you. That would be because you just finished knitting a right side row and therefore would be ending with a right side row.

:happydance: Wow…that makes so much sense when you put it that way! Now I can finish my project! Thank you so much!!! :woot: :thumbsup:

The BO should be on the WS row. `End with RS row’ means you’ve just finished knitting it.