How do you dye yarn? Any tips/info etc.? :) Thanks!

How do you dye yarn? :slight_smile: I bought a few skeins of this tussah silk yarn in “natural” (thinking I’d dye it) and of course! lol (I don’t know how! lol).

Can I use kool aid to dye silk??? Is kool aid really an effective dye? (can yo
u use food coloring as a sub. for kool - aid???)

Also… How do you get pretty/ multi hues like yarn in the pic??? Any tips for that??? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Any tips etc. from experience yarn dyers APPRECIATED! :slight_smile:

First of all Hi!! :slight_smile:

Kool aid dying works beautifully for wool yarn but unfortunatly you have to you acid dyes for silk. It is beautiful when finished but a little more involved. As for the color changes you can “paint” your yarn by dipping it or pouring the dye on the yarn Good link for Kool-aid dyeing great pics on dyeing, she is dyeing roving but it is the same principals as yarn Great resource

Good luck and have fun!

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I’ve actually had success using Wilton dyes on silk – you do have to soak it in vinegar water first, and for a long time – silk takes a long time to get thoroughly wet, and if it’s not completely wet it won’t take the dye evenly. The colors are so beautiful and vibrant! :smiley:

This is a really basic simple tutorial with good pix. She dyes wool, and she even tells how to over dye if you end up not liking your end result.

I think this is one of the best resources for dying you can also read some basics here

Thanks so much! :hug: I’ll cruise through those sites for info. :wink: