How do you connect to

Just wondering how people connect to KH. I often wonder how many dial up users there are with so many pictures/movies on the site.

well my answer is a bit misleading…i answered for when i am at home or visiting my momma but i am here just as often while i am at work. i spend a lot of time on hold while calling clients so i surf while i do it. i would knit but i find THAT much starting and stopping frustrating! :wall:

[color=blue]When at work I connect with Road Runner… at home it is a 56K modem… and I wait and I wait lol for the wonderful videos. But the wait is so so worth it! Thank you Amy! and all of the folks that are so generous with expertise. [/color]

We have DSL at home…got a package deal that included DSL, phone service, and our cells.

At work, there is Satellite! Its not as fast as one would think, but that could also be because of HIPAA laws and the resultant required firewalls and security. :thinking:

At home, like KK, we have DSL because its part of a package which makes it pretty cheap… (only a couple bucks more a month than dial up). At work, I’m on a T1 ot T2… not sure which.

I use DSL at home (unfortunately mine is not cheap, stupid phone company), but I want to switch to cable eventually. At work, T1 baby, but I only visit at lunch time, which is a very hard limit to put on myself.

I had cable at home, but switched to DSL about 2 years ago. It’s much faster and much more reliable, at least HERE it is.

I have cable…And, of course…for the videos…I use my cd :thumbsup:

We aren’t allowed to have internet anymore at work, but i didn’t chance it with anything more personal than the local newspaper or MSN… :crying:
So, for as much as I do sit on the computer all day at work, I do just as much at home and surf this site daily and looking up patterns, catalogs, etc.
I like that I can log in from my mom’s or brother’s too, it’s like having my own personal homepage and mailbox wherever I may be. :inlove:

p.s. I am very impatient and I plan to get Amy’s video’s sometime soon… DSL has been fine but lately it seems a little pokey… :thinking:

Hmm… I’m not sure what to vote. before I got my laptop I used our DSL, but now I connect via my neighbor’s wireless signal that reaches into our house from across the street…

:roflhard: shame on you!!! :lol:

We have cable right now we did have DSL but when we moved out here no DSL had to go with cable or dial up and since dh is Computer Lover with games and building websites he had to have the fast as soon as DSL comes out this way though I’m changing it… Its cheaper and I can’t tell a diff. in our speed… :wink:

I connect via cable (home), and it’s plenty speedy.

When I first began learning to knit, I googled around, looking for places to help me learn. The first place I discovered was HGTV’s crocheting and knitting board. The ladies there seemed really nice, though the emphasis seemed to be more on crocheting than knitting. The pages there load soooooo slowly for me, though. I even posted once, asking if others had that same problem. One or two did, but most insisted they did not. I finally gave up bothering to go there because it was far too time-consuming. :wall:

So, I started coming here, and have no plans of leaving. :mrgreen:

We have wi fi, and a wireless network; however I don’t live too far to have cable (although dsl isn’t available in my community yet. WiFi is just cheaper than cable for us since we have Dish Network for our tv.