How do you clean felted items?

I’ve never felted anything yet but am toying with the idea of making a bag or hat. Question is how do you clean it when it gets dirty? Because you have to put it in the washer to felt does that mean you can put it in agan to clean it or will that shrink it more? Handwash?

Someone spilled coke all over my hairball kitty lopi bag - I just popped it in the washer (in a lingerie bag), and did a quick gentle wash on cold and using eucalan - I reshaped it and it was fine - it didnt felt more or shrink more. but the lopi is pretty sturdy stuff.

That’s great! What’s eucalan? I’ve never heard of it.

maybe that isnt the right name - its a rinse free wash from the LYS - you use just a little teeny bit.

Thanks. I’ll hunt some down if I make anything felted.

One of my girls {not sure which one since I didn’t hide the body well enough!} spilled a cup of coffee on my HBC Booger. I just threw it in a zippered pillowcover and washed it with a regular load of laundry using cold water, and cold water Tide. I don’t think it shrank any more, and I just shaped it the same way I did originally.