How Do You Choose a Sweater Size Off a Pattern?

Hey Ladies,

I am going to attempt my first sweater. How do you figure out the size for yourself off the pattern??:think:


Usually there are measurements listed for each size- a bust measurement, length, etc. You just measure the recipient of the sweater, choose the size that most closely resembles the measurement, and then make sure you’re getting the proper gauge so your sweater will turn out that size.

It’s sometimes better to measure a sweater that fits similarly to the pattern - loose, baggy, snug - then using the pattern schematic measurements choose the closest in size.

I, too, find that measuring a sweater that I like the fit of is the best way to measure for a sweater. Check for the ‘finished size’ measurements of the pattern.

Thanks you all so much!!! This really gives me a better starting point for this project. Do you have any suggestions as to what type of sweater to try first??:woohoo:

A top down sweater is very easy. There’s some pattern calulators at and to generate a pattern based on your size and gauge.