How do you care for your bamboo needles

My mom is using them and now i am ordering some. I am concerned with how to take care of them. Any suggesstions? :hug:

My first suggestion would be if you plan to get/make/buy a needle holder, keep in mind the possibility that the fabric could stain. I love my bamboos, but am a little purturbed that my first “set” I got through Crafter’s Choice that came in a tapestry holder with black fabric inside actually has lightly tinted the lower pointed portion of my needles kind of gray. I’m sure with some gentle scrubbing it could come off, but who’da thunk? Basically they can develop a “patina” from your hands with use, but just knit with clean hands and give 'em a wipe with a damp cloth and make sure they stay dry. If they tend to grip your yarn to much, you can “buff” them with wax paper. Other than that, they don’t need food or a walk so their pretty easy to take care of.

Thanks. I appreciate that. I have a pair and was wondering how to clean them. I don’t have a holder as yet for my needles. I guess I need to invest in one. I haven’t seen any aroung here. :slight_smile:

I’ve had mine stain from yarn as well.