How do you begin on the wrong side?

I want to knit the Twisted cable stitch. The pattern: Row 1 and all wrong side Rows: P1, (K1, P5, K1, P1) across. How to get to the wrong side with the first row?

Begin knitting as given for row 1: P1, (K1, P5, K1, P1). If you’re casting on and doing a rib pattern (or any stitch for the beginning of the project), end after you work the front side row of that stitch pattern and the next sts go onto the wrong side. Then start row 1 of the twisted cable stitch. In some cases, like ribbing, it may not matter which side is which and so, you determine which is the right side and which is the wrong side.
It may be a good idea to mark the right side with some scrap yarn or a safety pin until it becomes obvious which is the right side.

What the pattern is say is that row one will be a wrong side row as will all odd numbered rows. So just go ahead and knit the row as stated noting that that is now the wrong side.

Just do the row, some patterns begin with the WS row and it’s telling you that as information that row 1 and therefore all odd rows will be the WS.

Thanks everyone for your response; I understand how to do it now.

You can put a safety pin or removable marker on one side of your work so you’ll know which side is which. Make a note on the pattern or something that says something like “Pin is on WS” so if you forget you’ll have that information handy. :thumbsup: