How do we get rid of the SPAM?

just wondering
5 posts to spam sites
person has only made 5 Posts

how do we take care of it?


I think you just let one of the moderators know about it.

PM a mod. They got most of it but there is one still stuck out there.

sadly it is happening more often lately. might need to change how people register :frowning:

I PM’d KellyK. The problem we’re having right now is that there are no mods logged in. There may be by now, but not when I first noticed them.

It seems to be happening in a lot of forums these days…I think the spambots are getting smarter every day!

I’ll say!

I got an email in my spam folder from “Penguins.”

It was uncanny, I tell you.

(I didn’t open it…gmail tells you the first line of the email, and it was the e e cummings kind of spam.)

Our forum just got a bit of advertisement with Amy’s appearance on HGTV, so that probably added to our appeal to the spammers.

You know when you register for a site and there’s that box with wiggly letters/numbers you have to type out. Maybe that’s what’s needed , they keep people from automatically registering to a million sites just to post spam.

I’ve only been here about a month, but I have not received any spam.


There are 5 spam posts on the board right now. But I PM’d Ingy, so that should take care of that! :cheering:

Stine and I had a little fun with the spammer. We posted messages and images of SPAM. :teehee:

I saw. :teehee:

All gone now! :muah: :muah: :muah:

Thanks–I zapped the posts. And of course I had to zap the responses too, or they really wouldn’t have made sense. :teehee:


We forgive you, O Wise And Powerful Ingrid.

when has this ever been a problem around here? :teehee:

It’s a tough call – you can set up the board so that no one can post until they are approved, which can cut out a lot of spammers, but then legitimate new members would have to wait to post, which would be a bummer if you’re looking for an answer to a knitting question in the middle of the night.

No easy answers, dang spammers :wall:

well it has been a while since i registered so i had to log out to go look. it definitely does have that code you have to put in but it isn’t at all hard to read (at least not the one i got.) not sure how spambots work but i would think they could read that? no idea. wonder if confirmation e-mail thing would work where they have to register with at least a valid e-mail?

either way i have seen waaaaaaaaaay worse sites and our mods are very quick on the uptake getting them out so it isn’t that huge of an issue.

I think spambots are run by a computer, so a person is not actually “reading” the screen. But, I’m no expert.