How do I wrap and turn?

Hi Everyone, I have a question on a pattern for a knitted beard! Abbreviations states:
W&t wrap and turn
Pattern states:
Row 1 Work in seed stitch until 1 st remains on needle. W&t(i.e. pass yarn in front of st, sl st to right needle without working it, then wrap yarn to back).
When i got to the last stitch i brought the yarn forward as if to knit, then slipped a stitch purlwise and then returned the yarn to the back.
Row 2 Sl st (i.e. slip the stitch that was just wrapped). Work in patt for 22 sts. W&t ( 1 wrapped st on each side;22 regular sts in middle)
I am not sure what I did wrong but it looks wrong and i now have an extra stitch.
Any suggestions please?!

Short rows, wrap and turn video.

German short rows, the method I’m using right now.
Part 1
Part 2

There are other methods you can find videos for also, use whichever works best for you.

I don’t know what your knitting looks like but the wrapped stitch may look a little strange, especially on the end stitches. However, it shouldn’t give you an extra stitch. Be sure that you’re moving the yarn to the front and then back after the wrap [I]between[/I] the needles and not over the needle.
It should look like a little collar around the stitch. Take a look at the video for W&T that GG recommends or look at the video here under Free Videos, Advanced Techniques to see what to expect. German short rows are a good alternative too.

The yarn is being wrapped around the stitch, not the needle so it won’t make an extra stitch. Usually the instructions would say to turn before going on to row 2 though, just to make sure you know that you are working on the next row. You would have 22 sts plus the 2 that are wrapped - is that what you mean by extra stitch? You add the wrapped stitches to the first ones you worked, and add one more on every row if this goes on for more rows.

or look at the video here under Free Videos, Advanced Techniques

I thought there was one here but couldn’t find it.:shrug:

Under Advance Techniques

Thanks to you all for the help. The video did help. I am knitting a beard lol! I’m not sure about the accuracy of the pattern because it tells me to slip a stitch on every row but that didn’t work. I got to a part on my pattern that read

Sl st, work in pattern for 8 sts, work wrapped stitch and turn.

Now after working the wrap and stitch together do I still wrap the next stitch then turn? Because if I work the wrapped st then immediately turn the work, my working yarn is still in my left hand.

I think you may be reading it wrong. When it says ‘work wrapped stitch’ I think that’s just make the wrap and turn. You knit the stitch and the wrap if you’re going to go beyond it on a row. Can you link to the pattern and say what row you’re on?

Well I had to pay for the pattern so my print doesn’t have a link it just says downloaded from Knit Picks.
Rows 1-16 were going from: Slip st. Work in pat for 21 sts. W&t
all the way down to "Slip st. Work in pat for 8 Sts. W&t. So it went from 21 sts to 20 to 19 etc. Then after work pat for 8 sts I am suppossed to: Sl st. Work in pat for 8 sts. Work wrapped st and turn. So I think I am going past the wraps now like you mentioned. I can’t find a video online similar to what I’m trying to do. Any suggestions, hope I made sense.

Well it sounds right then. It looks like you’re doing longer rows now and I don’t think you wrap any more, just do the wrapped st with its wrap as you come to them.

Ok, and after working the wrapped stitch, i turn and go back to the pattern? Thanks for the help!

I think that’s how it should go from now on.

Ugh…I still could not get it lol. When I worked the wrapped stitch and turned the work my yarn was coming from the left needle. I slipped a stitch like the pattern said and tried going on from there but had lots of gaps and tried to back out of my work and then really made a mess. I had to undo it! Im going to have to do more practice of this I think before doing it on a project. Thank you for all your help though. I really appreciate it. Goodnite all!

This might be the pattern.
Did you see the errata which may or may not be corrected in your version of the pattern depending on when you bought it? I don’t know whether it applies to the placement of the W&Ts but you might check.
If you’re using a fuzzy yarn for this, you could forget the wrap stitch and just do the turn. With a smooth yarn this will leave a small hole but with something fuzzy, you’ll never see it.
As an alternative, try the German short rows that GrumpyGramma linked to in post #2. It’s a very nice technique for short rows. There’s no wrap and turn but you’re still adding the extra rows into the knit piece.

Yes the yarn will be coming off the left needle when you turn like it does every time you turn at the end of a full row too. Then when you slip the first stitch to the R needle the yarn is on that stitch, on the R needle. But with the seed stitch, you might be able to skip the wrap and just turn it; when you knit the slip stitch later it serves to cover up the gap.

Try this video. I like how Cat refers to a wrapped stitch like a woman wearing a necklace who lifts it over her hair. Hey, it works.