How do I use this row counter?

I bought a row counter recently, similar to the one above, but don’t know how to use it. I am assuming it is a mechanical counter which I should increment after knitting every row. Is it a coincidence that it fits my knitting needles?

No, it not a coincidence. I have one from about 30 years ago. It is designed to slip onto a straight needle up against the end. Every time you finish a row you move the counter up 1.

Oh, I get it. I slip it on to a needle so that I don’t forget to move the counter? Thanks for that Plantgoddess, that really helped.

It’s designed to fit the needles so you can have it handy.

I advance mine for the next row. That way I know if it’s on evens I know I’m purling. When it’s on odds I’m knitting.
It really doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you do it the same all the time.
When mine reads 62 I may only have 61 rows done, but as long as I do it the same both sides have the same amount of rows. If I have to purl 4 rows I purl 4 rows and the counter then sits on 5 waiting for the next row.

If you ever use DPNs or circulars you can also run your cast on tail through the center of the counter so it’s hanging off the object (because sliding it on the needles doesn’t work for DPNs and circulars).

I’m the opposite of Mike…I count the row I just finished. Either way works, but BE CONSISTENT, because I started out doing it one way and tried to change and I messed up a couple of projects till I made up my mind which way worked for me!

Consistency is the key.
I think the key to consistency is doing what makes sense to you.

For me “Row 1” on the pattern is the one I flip it to “1” for.
For someone else “1” isn’t 1 until it’s completed (which strangely is how I count stitches, it’s not counted until the loop is pulled off the left needle).

These are kinda tough to use on a circular or when the needle is too large, so I make a bracelet or necklace out it with a loop of yarn.

Ugh, been knitting for years and have owned that darned thing for I don’t know how long. Never worked for me. I went out and got one of those simple “clicker” counters. Nothing fancy like the digital ones you see now. Just click when you do another row. Works for me. About $8

Hello, I found this thread and I am soooo glad I did. Is there a video I can watch demonstrating the row/stitch counter??

There’s a video for just about everything. Here’s one for a row counter.