How do I use multiple circular needles?

I am working on a bag with a ruffle at the top. I currently have 200 stitches on my circular needles, but need to increase to 400 stitches and the pattern says that I will need to use multiple circular needles to accommodate so many stitches. Any ideas to help? I am unsure where to start with the second set of needles and how to work them so that I stay in the round. Any help would be appreciated.


The only thing I can think of is that it would be the same as working with DPN’s, where you can have 3 or 4 needles, so I guess with that many stitches you could use the circulars like DPN instead.

I would look at instructions for knitting a sock on two circulars and follow those directions. I think I would only keep the number of stitches that could be accommodated on the cable portion on one needle then switch to another needle. I would hate to drop stitches when there are 400!

Thank you!! I just looked up how to knit a sock on two circular needles and I think it will work. I am definitely nervous about those 400 stitches because I only have 3 rows until I am done. Thanks for your help!!

Knit half your stitches with the new circ, then you have them divided. Then when you start to work the sts on the original one, take the tail end of it as your right needle. It’ll loop around but that’s fine. When you get to the end of those sts and are back to new circ, use its tail end for the right needle too. No need to be nervous, you’re just knitting on half the sts, on one circ at a time; the other needle is being a stitch holder.

if you’re really nervous, put in a lifeline so you don’t lose your stitches (just in case) - the extra confidence can’t hurt

This worked like a charm…Thank you!!

This worked like a charm…Thank you!!