How do I use markers?

I am making my first pair of socks on double pointed needles and the pattern says to use markers in the rows. Can someone tell me how to use these! PLEASE :thinking:[color=darkred][/color][size=6][/size]

I haven’t knitted socks yet, but my semi-educated guess would be (and some of the experts may correct me :wink: ) that you would place a marker at the end of a “round”(or row)…you could also use a scrap piece of yarn to serve the same purpose and slip the same way you would a marker.


To get very basic, a ‘marker’ is just a loop of yarn, or a ring of plastic, that is slipped on your needle between stitches. It marks a place where the pattern wants you to change, to count from or to, to repeat a pattern, to decrease, or to determine the beginning of a round. Kind of like a bookmark.

A stitch marker gets slipped from one needle to the next as you get to it–it just holds your place.

You are so “good” Ingrid…at knitting and explanations :wink:



:smiley: [color=red][/color] Thank you all for the help. I have gone to many knitting sites and have waited days for a reply. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply and help!

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