How do I "turn the corner?"

I am knitting this bag and need a bit of help.

I’ve done the garter stitch bottom and now I’m instructed to “turn the corner, and start picking up stitches along the short side of the bottom…” How do I turn the corner?

Jenn :slight_smile:

Just rotate the bag in your hands, and reach around the corner to pick up stitches on the side adjacent to the live stitches already on the needle.

Visualize sides A, B, C, D: Side A and C are the 44 st wide…and Sides B and D are the 14 st wide.

Side A is your “live 44 stitches” side. Rotate your work so that Side B is up…and reach around with your needle (or crochet hook) and pick up the recommended number of stitches along Side B…then rotate the work again…and pick up stitches along Side C…then rotate the work once again and pick up stitches along the 4th side (D).

I use a crochet hook to pick up stitches and place them on the knitting needle.