How Do I Start Pattern After double strand CO

Hi! I am a beginner knitter. I need help with a baby afghan pat which is to rep 4 rows after CO of 100 sts using a double strand of yarn. This created double loop stitches when I was practicing my Long Tail CO. If I need to CO 100 sts, do I CO 50 of these dbl looped sts and count each double for a total of 100 stitches or do I have to CO 100 sts that will all be double looped sts? Is the long tail CO the best choice and after doing this, do I start inserting the RH knitting needle into each double loop st as if each double loop is a single stitch or is the needle inserted into each individual part of a double loop st? Row 1 (RS): P3,(k2,ps); rep from * to last st. p1. Row 2: K3,(p2,k2); rep from * to last st, k1. Row 3 (RS): knit & Row 4: Purl. I really appreciate some help with this pat. Thanks so much! :hug:

Without seeing the pattern I can’t be 100% sure but since it’s an afghan I’m pretty certain that you are knitting with both strands throughout the blanket. So you cast on (long tail is fine) using both strands and treat the 2 strands as one and knit the entire blanket that way.

:woot: Thank you so very, very much for your prompt reply. I finally got the K & P down pat using one strand and then I saw that I had to use two strands and It really scared me. :knitting: This should make quick work of this baby afghan pat. Happy New Year to you! I hope I am using this area correctly to reply to you.

Your Welcome and yes you replied correctly… Happy knitting!