How do I soften this yarn

Hello all! I bought a cone of pure wool, a light worsted weight, and it’s quite scratchy. I did wash a strand to see if it softened and it did, but maybe there’s a better way to ensure that what I knit with it will be okay against skin. I’ve heard that coned yarn may have a coating on it to make it easier to machine knit, but I don’t know if this is the case. Any suggestions? :?? samm

[color=indigo]Next time you wash it, add a bit of hair conditioner to the rinse water. That will soften it up about as soft as it’s going to get.[/color]

I agree. Conditioner works great for rough wools.

Thanks for the tip, Contiknitter and Lizzie! I hadn’t thought of that. I have super duty conditioner for our hairy dog. I’ll try that! It washed up not as stiff, but was still rough. I think it will be okay for a hat, or felted mittens, but hopefully the conditioner will soften it further! Off to try a strand and see. Thanks again, samm

About the sizing oil on coned yarns. Some have it and some don’t. It will wash out if it does.

Thanks, Calamintha. The yarn feels as if it has a coating, and it did soften with washing. Also my cats are very interested in this yarn!!! Something smells different to them. :O) I’m still deciding what to make with it. Thanks for the information, samm