How do I SK? (skip stitch?)

Hello all,

I am making a dress for a knitted doll. The pattern starts with the skirt portion.
This is something I haven’t come across before “SK”. It reads this way:
(SK-k5, I-k1, SK-k4) 5 times.
(SK-k4, I-k1, SK-k1, k1, I-k1, SK-k3) 5 times.
(SK-k3, I-k1, SK-k3, I-k1, SK-k2) 5 times.
(SK-k2, I-k1, SK-k5, I-k1, SK-k1) 5 times.

It goes on, but I think if I understand how the SK (skipped stitch, right?) physically looks and works, I’ll be ok.

I just dont’ get it. If I skip a stitch all together…won’t it then be a dropped stitch and fall apart?
Or is a skipped stitch the same as a slipped stitch? Or???

I’ve been looking forward to making these dresses for my nieces. My yarn finally arrived and now I’m stuck. Drat! If anyone can help, I will be most grateful!

Thank you!

I’ve been knitting for almost 7 years and I’ve never seen SK before. I don’t know why or how you’d skip a stitch because it would still be there on the next row or if you drop it it would run. . If you’re decreasing you’d usually k2tog or ssk. Hmmm…

Does the pattern give an explanation for the stitch? They usually do. Do you have a pattern link?

I’ve never come across SK in knitting either. Your directions look like the SK and the I might be designating different colors or kinds of yarn. All the sts in parentheses add up to 10 and have either an SK or an I in front except for the lone k1 in line 2 which bumps up the st count to 11 (possibly a typo?).
I agree with Jan, look at the beginning and at the end of the pattern and see if there’s a list of abbreviations. Also check the yarns used for this pattern. And a link or name of the pattern would be terrific.

Whew. Well first of all, thank you both. At least I’m not crazy! :wink:

I did check her pattern for the abbreviation descriptions first thing, no luck for SK. I checked all over the web and only found that SK meant Skip stitch.

The woman who created the pattern is Claire Garland.
The pattern is called the Heidi Dress & is made to go with her Pixie Moon Doll. (Which I had no issues with). I think she may even have a book out. I’m not sure. I unfortunately don’t have a link to the pattern.

There is indeed different colors of yarn. The main color, the trim (T) color and the Detail (I) color. The weight is DK.

Hmm…maybe I can try contacting her through her Etsy account. The last time I tried contacting a popular knitter I received no response. So I guess I felt a bit discouraged on that count. I’ll try again. Perhaps Claire is more generous in that regard! One can hope. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, if you do indeed think of anything I’m all ears!

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to the dress on Ravelry. The SK is the main color or tan in the sample picture and I is red. Just follow the pattern with the 2 colors (fair isle) and you’ll see the beginning of the heart. If you graph it out you’ll get the bottom 4 rows of the heart. I don’t understand why the main color is called SK but there’s no telling.

Thank you Salmonmac! :cheering:

I am relieved it was a simple thing. I don’t know why she didn’t just use “MC”. Ah well. I haven’t heard back from her so we may never know. :wink:

Thank you so much for your time and help! I greatly appreciate it!
Off I go to knit away! :slight_smile:

Happy Knitting!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let you know that Claire kindly returned my email with apologies. She said SK meant “Skirt Color”. :slight_smile:

Mystery solved!

(Btw, I had already started knitting thanks to Salmonmac’s discovery.)

Thanks again!