How do I sew leather bottoms on felted slippers

I just got done felting my first pair of slippers, a Christmas gift for my grand daughter. They are cute, but MUCH smaller than I had envisioned, sure glad I watched them closely while felting. They are a ladies size small and will fit my 6 yr old grand daughter, which means I’ll need the ladies L for my 9 yr old GD. Needless to say the bottom will be hazardous on wood floors, so I want to stitch leather on the bottoms. Has any one done this? Where do I begin (and end.)
Thanks in advance for your help.


Some people use glue (fabric or hot) to add traction, either by applying a thin layering/coating to the bottom or little balls/circles (dots). I have also seen some people paint squiggly lines.

As for actual leather type patch soles KnitPicks and Patternworks sells some, I believe instructions are included.

I’ve also seen non-skid patches used in the home (bathroom, kitchen, etc.) recommended on some blogs but I wouldn’t advise that method.


If your soles are the leather/suede soles, they may already be punched with holes around the outside edge. If so, line them up on the slippers and beginning at the back/heel, and from the inside of the slipper, cut yourself a long enough piece of yarn and of a weight that will fit through the holes snuggly, and go through the first hole, come back through the slipper itself, then out through the next hole, in through the slipper (just above the sole), etc., until you get to the place of beginning, then pull through to the inside and tie a small knot to secure.

I’ve done this to a few pairs of slippers and they’re great. Just an FYI - you may need a thimble to poke the yarn through the holes.

Thanks for the ideas. I went to a craft store and bought some stuff that is used on the back of rugs, it goes on with a brush. I’ll try that and see how it goes.

Please keep us posted. I want to make slippers for my little niece when she has her tonsils out in a couple of weeks but their new house is all hardwood.