How Do I Retrieve a Lost Stitch?

So I’m ribbing. Twenty-four stitches. K2, P2 pattern.

I was in the middle of a row and realized my pattern was off somewhere, so I looked back at the current row and realized I did P3 somewhere. I went through and unraveled the beginning of this row - putting the stitches back onto the left needle. I returned to my pattern.
Well, I was getting to the end of the row and realized my pattern was still off. Culprit? Lost stitch. Somewhere along the line of unraveling stitches, I managed to lose a stitch - I’m now down to 23.

So, my pattern is not going to work with 23 stitches. I unraveled that row, placing everything back onto the left needle. Still 23 stitches.

How am I going to retrieve that 24th stitch? Is my patterned doomed? Time to start over?

Take note in your K2P2 pattern where the lost stitch is and you can most likely retrieve it with a crochet hook (pull up the bar of yarn where it should be on the row in which your dropped it and place it on your left ndl). Even if it was a few rows back, if your gauge isn’t too tight, you can still rebuild the lost sts with the crochet hook (easier to work on K side as you just work a chain-type st up to your ndl).

ETA: just checked and there’s vid under ‘Knitting Tips’ on how to pick up lost st.


Haha. Wow. I’ve been doing all sorts of crazy things over here.

I noticed another mishap in my pattern, so I yet again unraveled a row of stitches to fix it. I thought, Hey, why not just add an increase to get a stitch back? I figured it would fix my missing stitch problem with only a minor hole.

So then I check your reply. I think, Uh, I’m kind of a sloppy knitter at this stage and there’s no way I’ll find a mistake given all the odd holes in my ribbing. Sure enough, right there’s a dropped stitch in the middle of my knitting.
So I start playing with it, and I drop it another 4 rows. Oh boy, I better fix this.

I ran out of my room to grab a crochet needle. (Yeah, I have those lying around.) Come back, remember the video on KH about fixing runs/dropped stitches, and start going at it with the crochet hook.
Miraculously, I managed to understand that it was a dropped knit stitch, and fixed the run.

So my 24th stitch is back, and my pattern is back on track. Amazing.

I love being able to fix my mistakes, and actually learn things in the process.

Now that I review my knitting, though, I realize I fixed that run by “knitting” with the crochet hook up through every row. I guess I’m not supposed to do it like that since I’m ribbing… Now I have this tiny column of knit stitches in the middle of my ribbing. Oops! Oh well.

if you had done a mild bit of cursing first! That’s ALWAYS my first step! :mrgreen:

Glad you got it together!! :knitting:

Yes you are supposed to do it like that in ribbing too, but it sounds like you should have done it on the other side where it would show as a knit stitch. You can take it out and do over, good practice… :wink: