How do I read charts?

Question! Umm…I’m working on a hat pattern that shows charts for the cables. Buttt…I have no idea what charts are or how to work them. Here they are:
Braided Cable: Chart 1

Twisted Cable: Chart 2

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A chart usually has a key to go with it, telling you what each symbol means.

Charts are read from right to left on the front and left to right on the back. If knit in the round, all rows are read from right to left.

On your first chart, each cable crossing takes six stitches. For the line in the first row, you’d be doing a left-leaning cable. Slip 3 stitches and hold in front, knit 3 from regular needle and then knit 3 from the cable needle.

For a right-leaning cable (the line slanting up to the right), hold the 2 stitches in the back and knit the stitches from the needle first.

On chart 2, you’ll do all the crossings with 2 stitches, slipping the first to a cable needle and holding it in back, then knitting from the needle for 1 and then the cable needle for 1.

You might want to check out Amy’s videos for knitting without a cable needles for Chart 2’s crossings, to save yourself a lot of fiddling.