How Do I Put Pics Mid-Post?[Problem Solved--Thank you!]

Instead of just at the end…
I’ve seen other people post pictures in the middle of their text, anybody know how to do it? I just attempted it with the Img tag but I guess I didn’t do it right…

You have to have your photos linked from somewhere on the web - you can’t do it from photos that you have saved on your hard drive. Lots of people use (I think that’s the right addy, someone will correct me if not) where you can upload your photos to the web and then you would be able to use the ‘Img’ tab to put them mid-post.

That’s exactly what I did…but my post previewed just as gobbledy gook URLs instead of an image. :pout:

Did you do ??? If so, that should do the trick. :shrug:

That’s exactly what I did…I even tried to test them. :shrug:

test of

yarn tangle

what’s wrong with my code?

The only thing I can think to suggest is going to your profile and making sure that you have the boxes checked to ‘Yes’ for always allow BBCode and always allow HTML. :shrug:

trying again


hmm, bummer. I clicked “yes” for allowing BBCode and HTML, but my options still say HTML if “OFF” even though I turned it on in my profile.



I think you didn’t capture the whole URL of the pic. your link ends after the 359954004 (you probably copy/pasted directly from the URL bar up top. I right clicked on the pic and copied the URL Addy shown in Properties).

hth :slight_smile:

hmm, i tried copying the URL from the properties dialogue box before too…but that we before i changed my profile options.
let’s give it another go

Poopers! What’s the dilly-yo?

Huzzah! I had to delete the “?v=0” at the end of the URL. Thanks!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: