How do I prevent my knitting from smelling like wet dog after blocking?

Hi! I’m a somewhat beginner knitter, I’ve knit a lot, but never really blocked anything I’ve made until recently. I know when you get wool wet, it does smell, but for some reason, that smell didn’t leave once it dried, which is what I understood would happen. I bought some euclean knitting wash in lavender, soaked a scarf in it for the recomended 20 minutes, then laid flat for a few days to dry. Now I have a scarf that smells like a dog washed in lavender shampoo. It’s faint, but I have a sensitive nose! haha.
Do you all have any tips or tricks for this problem, am I doing something wrong? HELP!

Thanks so much everyone!

How about adding a bit of white vinegar to the rinse water?

Or, baking soda dissolved in the rinse water, and followed with plain water?

Vinegar and baking soda are both know to neutralize odor.

There is a commercial product that you can get at pet supply stores. It’s specifically called “odor neutralizer”. It is a clear, odor free liquid.

I’ve never had any wool have any odor. This must be the specific wool that you purchased. Don’t be discouraged. You won’t experience this with all wools.

BTW, I use Unicorn Fiber Wash and Rinse. It’s specially made for animal fibers. Maybe that’s part of my success.
In theTestimonials, one lady said it removed all hint of odor from her buffalo fiber!

Anyway, Unicorn is the only product I’ve used in years.
I swear by it. It isn’t too expensive, and a little goes a long ways.

:?? What yarn is it? I’ve always heard that the smell goes away, too.

Thanks for the advice, I will get some of the other wash and try that! The funny part is, is that the 2 scarves in question were knit with 2 different wools. One was some cheep cascade yarn, but the other was a more expensive peruvian wool, can’t remember the brand. I’ve hung them on a hanger outside in the shade today, hoping they will maybe air out a little. The smell is very faint, just annoying. I LOVE the smell of yarn, but now it’s just weird. haha.

My guess is that it’s the Peruvian yarn, which may have been spun with some of the lanolin left in it. If so, what you’re smelling is wet sheep, not wet dog. It’ll likely fade away after a while, or with another washing. Another possibility is that you’re smelling some leftover dye. Again, that should disappear with time and washing.